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Friday, 9 November 2012

New Release. Hearts Haven 2: Operation Breathless by Marianne Evans

Today sees the release of Hearts Haven Vol 2. Operation Breathless by Marianne Evans

Operation Breathless

Psychologist Susanna Daniels helps troubled teens find their footing and their faith, but in the face of erroneous accusations, she's lost hope, wondering if her work at Wellsprings of Grace even makes a difference any more.

Detroit police officer Gabe Peretti has returned home to Angel Falls, Texas, burned out by the big city, his faith stretched to the breaking point by the badlands he's witnessed and tried so hard to change. He craves fresh perspective, and wisdom enough to discern God's will.

A sparkling kiss and an embattled young lady careening down the wrong path bring Susanna and Gabe together, sweeping them into a set of circumstances that will require enough faith to shine bright, and enough love to leave them both forever changed, and positively breathless.


A rollercoaster of emotions that leave you breathless. This second in the Hearts Haven series has adorable characters that leap from the pages and leave you wanting more. Susanna is a psychologist who works with ‘difficult’ children, Gabe is a burned out cop who thinks there is only one way to deal with such children. Put the two together, add a wonderful dog, and you have a story you won’t want to put down.

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