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Monday, 29 October 2012

Its that time of year again - Nanowrimo

Gold postbox in Henley, to commemorate the rowing winners of the 2012. There are roughly 50 specially painted one scattered up and down the country. Do I look cold? It was cold. 2C and falling. Finally settled around minus one in the end.

This will be my 7th year doing nano. Wow. Going for my 7th win. You can find me HERE

I've sold my last 3 nano novels actually. 2009 - Season for Miracles. 2010 - Tuesday's Child. 2011- Thursday's Child. And this years is already sold on the synopsis alone. Hence the very brief one on the site. A hero, a heroine, a radio station, lots of coffee, even more flowers... No that wasn't what I sent in, in the book proposal. lol.

Thing is I don't plot. Well, not to the extent some authors do. I have a 700 word basis. But in the other 50-80,000 words, anything can and quite often does happen.

And if I get stuck. Well then there is my trusty help sheet HERE. Which does give hilarious out takes at times, but can be incredibly useful at others. And not a zombie in sight.

Meanwhile, inspiration struck during the sermon yesterday for another story. No I didn't write it during the sermon. My sermon sheet is full of sermon notes. With Five lines detailing hero's name, heroine's name. what she does, what he does, why they meet. But then soon as I look at the title of the sermon I'll remember the plot.

I don't write on a Sunday. Course this means that I do Nano in 26 days and not 30. Or some years in 25 days depending how many weekends there are. Makes it harder, but not impossible.

No blog entries don't count. Unless written in heroines POV and she takes it over for a month. Don't tempt her. Leah is particularly fond of blogging, whilst not making coffee that is.

And one final word to the wise... don't annoy the author. Because it will end up in a book and she might just kill you. ;-)

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