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Thursday, 6 September 2012

today at work...

I've come to the conclusion I obviously don't blog about the right kind of things or my posts are just too boring as the number of page views is practically zero. Some times it is. Zero that is. 

About the only time I get into double figures is when I have someone else blogging here. Maybe that's the key. Maybe I am boring and ppl just don't want to know about what I'm writing or not writing. Or where I went on holiday. Or my wedding photos or how long I've been married.

So this is probably going to rate about a zero too. 

But this morning at work, we got the hoops out. You know, those multicoloured things the gymnasts do clever things with? Well most of the kids were just hula-hooping or throwing them so they worked like boomerangs and came back to you.

One kid, we'll call him Zach (not his real name), was running manically around the hall holding a hoop flat against each leg. Then he stopped and a couple of the other kids (we'll call them Sam and Peter) started cheering and clapping.

Next Zach twisted around - again keeping the hoops by his legs - and then looked at if he were shoot at Sam. At this point I intervened (as shooting/fighting/etc isn't allowed) and asked him what they were playing.

"I'm a paraolympic athlete," he said. "These are my wheels because I don't have legs. I just won a race and now I'm doing archery."

How's that for an imaginative use of the play equipment?

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