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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Guest Author - Lily Maytree

Blurb for GOLD TRAP

I simply wanted to step out of my ordinary life and find the Divine Appointment God had planned for me. I’d read about Mary Kinglsey, and it occurred to me that if I truly wanted to share an historical biography with my students, hers was it. So (with much trepidation) I booked the cheapest tour I could find to visit the Dark Continent of Africa. Who knew I’d meet a psychic named Vidalia (after the onion?) — not that I should have been surprised (after all, Bremen Tours specialized in “Voodoo relics of the Dark Continent,” or so it was emblazoned on their carry-alls, one of which I owned). But life got really strange when I met a mad (or was he drunk?) professor, a dashing prince (or possibly, the villain), a village headman (the warrior king? Or the prince of thieves?) and a witchdoctor who was neither witch nor doctor, but rather the sinister embodiment of a charlatan who preyed on tourists...and let’s not forget the man who started the whole mess—an embezzler-turned-kidnapper…of me! And that’s not to mention floating down a river full of crocodiles, two boys who wanted to hold me for ransom, an earthquake, a cave-in, the leopard in my bed, and a pink hippopotamus. In the end, my Divine Appointment from God held mystery, excitement and a whole lot more. Enjoy my adventure, Dear Reader, because I did!

Bio for Lilly Maytree

Lilly Maytree has many homes. Sometimes she lives in her cabin in the woods in Alaska, sometimes in a sailboat on the ocean, and occasionally in a tent when she is exploring wilderness places. It has even been said that she time-travels, but that is probably just a rumor. You can get in touch with her through her web site at www.lillymaytree.com. It might take a few days if she is adventuring far away... but she always comes back sooner or later. She loves hearing from readers!

My Review:

One of the novels from the new line of Christian Fiction from Harbourlight books (the other side of the established Romance publisher White Rose Publishing), Gold Trap is a thrilling story with true to life characters. When Megan Jennings sets off on a tour of Africa to follow in Mary Kingsley's footsteps, she doesn’t anticipate it quite like this. Nothing goes as planned and even her carefully laid out life rules all get tossed out the window. Worried she missed her 'divine appointment' she backtracks only to find the footsteps she must follow don't go the way she expected and lead her to an ending not only surprising but fast paced and vivid.

Her faith and that of travelling companion Tom Anderson are interwoven throughout the pages, along with a rich African setting which lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned.

You can pick up Gold Trap here or on Amazon.


Donna B said...

Great review! I loved this story too! Lily did a great job of a little bit of history twisted through a grand adventure!

Marianne Evans said...

I can't wait to read Gold Trap! Great review, and lovely post! Congratulations, Lily!! God bless you both, ladies.

LoRee Peery said...

Such adventures. Such an imagination. This will be a stupendous read.

Lilly Maytree said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, ladies, and all the kind words. And Clare -- thank you for having me! I'm enjoying getting to know my fellow PBG authors, and being a part of such a dedicated group.

Dora Hiers said...

Oooh, GOLD TRAP sounds like such a fun adventure! Clare, thanks for the review, and Lilly, congrats and welcome to PBG!