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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Another day, another disaster in my house.

Twas on a Monday afternoon hubby decides to play in the garden...

Once upon a time there was a fish pond in danger of becoming a fish garden...but that's another story. Anyway, this fish pond has a problem with algae and needs to be cleaned once a week. So it's owner decided to install a pump.

unfortunately it runs off the mains which means the electric bits are in a bowl under the bucket. But a plan was forged to wire it through a junction box and into the house. Via a handy hole a cable ran through. The theory was this was the now defunct terrestrial ariel
But it was the Sky TV cable. :( So since Monday this poor author has been with out TV downstairs.
No disney channel - yayayayayayay. No Wimbledon :( But most important of all. No hunky Aussie Special rescue ops guys. Well downstairs. Upstairs is a sep sky box with sep cable. So yay for said hunky aussie guys in the bedroom. Well one of them does share hubby's name :O
Get your minds out the gutter. I watch said programme with my 12yr old daughter and hubby usually.
So tonight I emptied out the sideboard. See contents of sideboard on table. And under table. And next to table....
This is where the sideboard goes. The sky repair man needs to relay cables along that wall. Then i get to put it all back again.

The good news.... said sky box is covered for accidental damage which includes men with shears. Just as well really.

And the moral of this story children.... Never let hubby anywhere near a cable with a pair of shears. Ever.


Delia Latham said...

I solemnly swear to learn from your mistake! I will NOT allow my hubby near the shears if there's a cable within a quarter mile... LOL Poor Clare!

Clare Revell said...

Thanks Delia :) At least he's coming today. Hopefully the rain will hold off for him to put a new cable in. Tho he won't like the fact its not connected to the phone, but as there is 3 ins of bare wire there, he can fix that too ;-)