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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another contract :)

Pastor Jack's story - Cassie's wedding dress - has been contracted by WRP.

Prelim blurb is -
Following a fall at the Grand National, Cassie Hinton, winning steeplechase jockey will never race again. Trying to rebuild her life she helps out in her brother's fabric store. Seeing Jack again, the man she knew and loved in her teens, is hard. Her feelings haven't changed.

Pastor Jack Chambers has long had feelings for Cassie. Now widowed and raising his daughter as a single parent, he runs into Cassie again. This time around the hurdle is she is one of her parishioners.

The Royal Wedding is approaching fast and Cassie has no idea what to do to decorate the shop window. Taking Jack's suggestion, she makes her dream wedding dress that she will never wear and sets it in the window, never dreaming of what will happen.

And yes it needs work. That is my job for Monday before sending back the MIS.

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Delia Latham said...

This sounds wonderful, Clare!