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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Book Review - The Trespass by Scott Hunter


First they tried to kill him. Then they took his daughter... Anthropologist Simon Dracup knows that his only hope of finding her alive lies within the pages of his grandfather's diary, the record of a near century old expedition to Mount Ararat, legendary resting place of the great Ark of Noah. When the CIA pays him a visit Dracup learns that something was found on the Ark. Something priceless. Now its owners have taken it back, but they want revenge and Dracup is their prime target. Dracup finds himself plunged into a desperate battle for survival as he hunts for evidence that will lead him to the sinister Korumak Tanri, but even he could not have predicted the shocking truth about the mysterious cult and the ancient secret they are sworn to protect. .


Wow. This book is a page turner from start to finish. Completely unputdownable, it's a compelling read that drags you in and holds your attention from cover to cover. An innocent inheritance drags Simon Dracup into the stuff of nightmares as he finds himself running for his life, while trying to find his daughter and solve a mystery bigger than the quest for the holy grail.

If you like conspracy, mysteries and seat of your pants action and drama, then The Trespass by Scott Hunter is one book you really shouldn't miss.

You can find Scott at : http://www.scott-hunter.net/ and can buy the book at Amazon

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