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Monday, 24 January 2011

Blast from the past

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Once apone a time... (yes my spelling was rotten when i was a child.)

Dad had arranged to have his attic relagged. That meant taking Everything out of it. They now have no bedrooms lol. He's throwing out a lot of stuff...and giving us back what we haven't taken that's ours. Now you'd have thought after 18½ yrs I'd have taken all mine...wrong.

He also found these... hmmm, maybe i cropped the pics too much.

Anyway, these Paris prints were on the walls when I grew up and I loved them. They were a first wedding anniversary pressie for my parents way back in 1965 and they now be mine.

This one I adore. It's called song of the surf. Another print...this time a wedding pressie from 1964. And it too is now mine :D

He also found school reports. Mine from the 70's. Eeeek

July 1975 - All Clare's work will be much better when she learns to present it tidily. I feel that in English, Clare is not producing as high a standard of work as she could.

July 1976 - Clare has worked hard and well all through the year. Her untidy presentation of work is a handicap - but just recently this has shown improvement. She has a lively mind and ability to put thoughts on paper very well.

July 1977 - Clare shows some talent in writing stories and expresses herself imaginatively in clear, consise English using a strong vocabulary.

July 1978 - Very sensitive and imaginative work. Clare has a mature style and wide vocabulary. Spelling sometimes needs attention.

hmm... me sees a pattern developing. BUT... he found more. School work books from 1973!!!! with my first every story in. Here you go. Spelling etc copied straight from said work book.

Thursday, October 4th, 1973

A long time ago in a farr off land lived a witch. She was a wicied witch and she said I will buy a cottge in the wood. And when she moved in the wood. She catght a little girl called Helen. And the witch made her a witch. But they where kind and nice and good. They lived ever after.

Then there's sleeping brety and the first ever little red riding hood. Maybe another time.

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