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Monday, 29 November 2010

snow, snow go away. Don't come back another day

The snow they forecast can go away. It can go back up north where they already have 16 or 17 ins of the nasty white stuff. Had enough of it in Jan. It's bad enough walking to work in temps of -7C or 19F.

Actually it reached -0.89F in parts of the UK last night. Taht's -17C

And that my friends is a tad chilly :P


So Saving Christmas came out last week and Dad bought three copies. One for each comp and a spare. Why? Because he said $1 isn't much for a book.


So off back to writing where somehow the heroine just got caught up in a bank robbery. Tell you, the last person in this here series is gonna refuse to get married or even date cos stuff just keeps happening LOL

sorry. got scene breaks on the mind now :P
I've written my cards and made my cake and done some shopping... hmm is there a holiday coming up in the UK by any chance?

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