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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blog Tour Announcement

This is Marianne Evans. Her new novel - Hearts Surrender comes out Sept 3rd
At the end of her blog tour, Marianne is giving away three special prizes:

1. A $10 gift certificate to White Rose Publishing
2. A $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com
3. An autographed, print edition of her new release, Hearts Surrender

Entering is simple: Leave a comment – or several comments as you track her progress on the tour (Marianne and her blog hosts will get the word out and let you know where she’ll be!). Each comment gives you a chance to win!

On September 30th, she’ll randomly select three comments from visitors at any of the blogs she’s visited, and award them the prizes!

Join in the fun as Marianne lets the world know about Hearts Surrender!

So I'm sure you want to know where she will be so you can read what she has to say and leave comments for a chance to win.

(tries to copy from an excel doc. My comp never read them til I upgraded word so never tried before lol)

JoAnn Carter
September 03 2010

Dawn Roberto (Love Romances & More)
September 06 2010

Regina Andrews
September 07 2010

Robin Bayne
September 08 2010

Mary Manners
September 09 2010

Holly Hewson (The Romance Studio)
September 09 2010

Delia Latham
September 10 2010

Clare Revell (me :D )
September 11 2010

Therese Travis
September 13 2010

Tanya Stowe
September 15 2010

Gina Welborn
September 15 2010

Mary Eason
September 18 2010

Casey Herringshaw
September 20 2010

Book Discussion @White Rose Publishing Readers Group
September 20-24 2010

Carol Ann Erhardt
September 29 2010

Shawna Williams

Sarah Coiner

(yay i did it lol :D )

I know Marianne would love your support on her tour. Hope to see you there.

ok how many ppl thought I was organising one for my book lol. No I'm not having one. I'm in no way clever enough to organise one for me. Or brave enough.


Marianne Evans said...

Thanks so much, Clare!! I'm excited about visiting your blog "officially" on the 11th - and can't offer enough appreciation for your help in "spreading the news" about Hearts Surrender. Blessings to you!

Marianne Evans said...

PS - You can, and you must blog-support Season for Miracles! Can't wait to read it! :-) You'll be fine! Go for it!!

Clare Revell said...

I'll think about it. Honestly not sure how to go about arranging one. last time i attempted anything like that - a huge coffee morning for the guide dogs - no one came!