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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

What Brits say v what they mean. Or rather a translation for the rest of the world.

What Brits say v what they mean. Or rather a translation for the rest of the world.

As a Brit writing for a US publisher, I’ve had to relearn English. Yeah, seriously. I mean whose language is ENGLISH anyway? (insert winky face here :P). The grammar is different – they put a comma before the word ‘and’ for a start, and don’t even get me started on the spelling. Z’s (that’s zed by the way) instead of s’s and no u’s and …. (is laughing quietly while writing this bit which you won’t be able to see. And it has to be quiet. It’s almost ten to two in the morning).  
I often get comments back on the manuscript highlighting something I’ve put with a “huh?” in the margin. Not so much now… Well, occasionally I still manage to chuck something in that I understand perfectly, as would every other Brit who reads my books, which knocks my editor for six.

Anyway here are some of those things that other people have asked me to explain. If you can think of anymore, leave a comment and I’ll do that next time.

Throw a spanner in the works - completely and utter mess something up for someone so it no longer works. Think tossing a spanner into a bike wheel and it jamming.
Spend a penny - go to the loo. Originally using the public toilets involved putting a 1p coin in the lock on the door. So you'd literally spend a penny to go to the loo. These days it’s more like 50p in the train stations. Probably more in London.
It's monkeys outside or brass monkeys. Means its freezing. Cold enough to freeze the nuts off a brass monkey. Yes, I know they don’t have them. It’s a sailing metaphor.
Bangers and mash - sausages and mash potato. A British fave.
Oh and toad in the hole. Something my kids and hubby love. That’s sausages in batter pudding (pancake mix.)
Shepherd’s pie. That’s minced lamb topped with mash.
Cottage pie – see above but use beef mince not lamb.

Spotted dick – a perfectly innocent and yummy sponge pudding with currants in. Served with custard. See picture.

Up the duff / knocked up/ bun in the oven – pregnant.
Knocked for six – something totally unexpected
See a man about a dog - where I’m going is none of your business
Blow a gasket – lose your temper suddenly and violently
Throw someone into the middle of next week – not wanna see them for a very long time
Boozer – pub.
Plastered / blotto / three sheets to the wind / paralytic - drunk

So if your 13yr old daughter came home and announced she was up the duff, you’d likely blow a gasket, be knocked for six and go see a man about a dog down the boozer until you're either three sheets to the wind or you’d calmed down enough not to want to commit murder or throw someone into the middle of next week.

Mobile - cell phone
Trousers = pants
Pants/knickers = women’s underwear
Boxers/ y fronts = men’s underwear
Suspenders = what women use to hold stockings up with (so a bloke saying he's got suspenders holding his pants up will send any Brit into hysterics. Quietly of course)

Time is another good one. Whereas we sometimes say six ten for example, its far more common place to use the words past or to. For example
Five past six – 6.05
Quarter after or quarter past six - 6.15
Half six or half past six - 6.30
Quarter before or quarter to seven - 6.45
Ten to seven – 6.50

And then there's the rubber. Stop sniggering and get your minds out of the gutters. I had Niamh in Thursday's Child pick up a rubber from her desk and throw it at her boss. I had to change it to eraser. ... It's a perfectly innocent little word in Britain. Every school kid has at least one rubber to rub out pencil marks! You can even get HUGE ones that read for BIG mistakes. If I'd have meant something else I'd have said it. Not that I would as I don't write that kind of fiction.

The houses we live in all have their own individual name as well as being a house. Yes, some of them have names too. Not telling you what my house is called. Anyway with pictures for you...
Detached - one house on its own.

Semi-detached - Two houses joined together. Looks like one big one. 

Terrace - three or more houses joined together. Sometimes all painted different colours (note the u in colour :P) Sometimes not. I live in one of these. Each house is totally self-contained. 

Maisonette – a single house divided into two – upstairs is one living space. Downstairs is another. Call it two self-contained flats in one house. Each with its own entrance.

Flats - block of flats is an apartment block

Bungalow - a single story house on its own like a detached

Hope these have helped shed some light on weird things we say. Like I said, if you have any more, comment either here or on FB and I’ll do my best to address these in another post.

I’ll be back next week with a look at British life. Cricket and pubs and village greens, parks, duck ponds, Sunday afternoon naps and photos,
Come back next week and find out then.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cover Reveal - Signal Me series

Here are the covers for my new three book YA series - Signal Me. No release date as yet, but the pre-galley edits have been done for book one of the series. the names of the book come from the flags on the covers and the call signs associated with each one.

November Charlie 
Following a tsunami and earthquake in which Jim and Staci Kirk’s parents are declared missing, Jim decides to go and search for them himself. Unbeknown to him, Staci and their best friend Lou, run away to join him. It seems so simple on paper, sail from England to the Philippines and find them. But a hurricane named Erika and a shark conspire against them to make this trip one of the most dangerous trips the three teenagers have ever done in their lives. Will they find the Kirk’s or does God have another idea in mind?

Delta Victor
Shipwrecked on the remote volcanic island of Agrihan, Lou Benson and Jim and Staci Kirk now have to somehow find their way to civilisation. Their mission to find the Kirk’s now abandoned, it is them that need rescuing. Joined by orphan Ailsa Cudby, who has been living with a local village since her parents died, they set off past the volcano, in search of an abandoned air force base. Lou is far from recovered. Will they find help for her in time?

Echo Foxtrot
Rescued by the USAF, Lou’s life hangs in the balance as she, Jim and Staci are reunited with their parents. But it’s not easy having been alone for so long, to suddenly find themselves under adult supervision again. And what will happen to Ailsa? Surely God didn’t bring them this far, together, just to separate them all now?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Psalm 23

Saw this on facebook and it's worth putting on here as well.

The 23rd Psalm
Most people probably never thought nor looked at this Psalm in this way, even though they say it over and over again.
The Lord is my Shepherd 
That's Relationship!
I shall not want 
That's Supply!
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures 
That's Rest!
He leadeth me beside the still waters 
That's Refreshment!
He restoreth my soul 
That's Healing!
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness 
That's Guidance!
For His name sake 
That's Purpose!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death 
That's Testing!
I will fear no evil 
That's Protection!
For Thou art with me 
That's Faithfulness!
Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me 
That's Discipline!
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies 
That's Hope!
Thou annointest my head with oil 
That's Consecration!
My cup runneth over 
That's Abundance!
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life 
That's Blessing!
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord 
That's Security!

That's Eternity!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Torn Asunder by Alana Terry

Torn Asunder by Alana Terry 

Torn Asunder is the newest suspense novel from award-winning author Alana Terry. Torn Asunder is the story of Hannah and Simon, two North Korean refugees who sneak back into their country to serve as underground missionaries. In this world of spies, secret police, and informants, Simon and Hannah learn that staying together won't just compromise their ministry. It could cost them both their lives.

Torn Asunder launches today for just 99 cents, and all book sale proceeds today support the work of Liberty in North Korea, an organization that runs an underground railroad for North Korean refugees. You can get the paperback or the ebook for 99 cents for a limited time only. And remember the best news ~ Your purchase will help save a North Korean refugee!

Excerpt from Torn Asunder:

Simon gritted his teeth. His head felt like it was sinking. The general kept his voice level and pleasant as he slipped the device over Simon’s pinky. “Now, you just tell me who you delivered your Bibles to, and I’ll let you leave here with everything intact.”

Simon tried to swallow. His whole jaw was swollen from his scuffle in the woods. He shut his eyes and hoped the general couldn’t feel him tremble.

General Sin chuckled to himself. “Silly me. I forgot.” He slid the device off Simon’s finger. “This kind of tool won’t work on a big, strong man like you.” He strode over to Hannah and yanked her hand before Simon could even cry out. He jammed her ring finger into the opening.

Simon struggled against his iron restraints. “Let her go!”

Hannah sucked in her breath. General Sin still glared at Simon. “This is your last chance. Give me the names, and I'll release her unharmed.”

Simon’s field of vision blurred over. He wanted to scream. The metal from his handcuffs sliced open his wrists. He pictured himself breaking free and tackling the general to the ground.

“Better talk.” General Sin yawned. “I hate getting my uniform messy.”

Hannah’s hand trembled, but she didn’t make a noise.

“Three …”

Simon clenched his jaw, unable to tear his face away from Hannah’s wide, terrified eyes.

“Two …”

Want more? Buy Torn Asunder on amazon now. And remember, all book sales today will be donated directly to Liberty in North Korea, a group committed to seeing North Koreans achieve their freedom in THIS GENERATION.

Want to help spread the word? See below to click and tweet, or share this image on your timeline. Then be sure to scroll down to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift card, surprise grab bag ($60 retail), great CD from Cherie Norquay, and free prizes to everyone who enters! And don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think of Hannah and Simon and those like them who sneak into hostile mission fields to share the gospel.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Plundered Christmas by Susan Lyttek

Blurb: Compelled to spend Christmas on a private island with her father's future bride and extended family, Jeanine learns that Margo Banet is descended from a pirate queen. Relatives and friends all have their reasons for attending the festivities--including the legendary treasure. But when Margo's nephew winds up dead and a violent storm cuts them off from the mainland, Jeanine has to wonder if they will solve the mystery before someone else dies trying.

I held up the parchment. “This raised brick caused the last carton to spill. We found this under it.”
“Oh my.” Margo’s mouth fell open as she claimed the find.


Christmas decorating was put on hold immediately. All of Banet Island wanted to see the mysterious parchment and what it contained. I heard whispered questions. “Is it the map?” and “How could a visitor find what none of us did?” as well as grateful exultations. They all hoped that I had stumbled upon something, something precious and priceless for the Banet family.
In the grand dining room, we huddled around the ancient paper as Margo used a hot skewer to lift and cut the wax, preserving the seal.
Then William suggested that I, someone with no connections or interest in whatever it was, open the parchment and read it.
Nervously, wearing the white cotton gloves someone loaned me, I unrolled the document. I wasn’t sure what I expected to find, or what they expected me to read, but it seemed to surprise everyone. The ornate script was difficult to decipher at first, but then, as I grew accustomed to it, a mysterious woman came to life upon its page.
The year of our Lord, 1720, December
Mary died. My best friend in all the world burned up by the cruelest of fevers. That was all I could turn my mind to when the cell door opened. They had come for her body.
I had seen the baby kicking within her as Mary thrashed in agony. The poor thing did not realize its mother was dying. Nor did it know it would also, without ever seeing the light of day. I hugged my own belly. Oh dear God in heaven! What hope remained for my own infant?
I felt a pang of another kind. What about my other child? Who had he become? Now that I had no hope of life, I longed for him, the one I had thrust aside for my pleasure and adventure. Fate is cruel and leads us in its merry ways simply, I believe, to see how we will dance.
However, it was not the gaoler who opened the door to my confinement. Much to my surprise, it was my husband. I did suppose, even after my transgressions and flights of fancy that he was still my husband.
“Be still,” he told me in a whisper. “Your father and I have arranged for your escape.”
That my father could and would do such a thing, I could believe. Since the death of my mother, he indulged me far too much. But that he and James would work in concert seemed an incredible thing. Father had never cared for James. He often called him weak-willed and lily-livered. At sixteen, I believed not a word of it. On the other hand, perhaps I did give it credence and wanted to defy my father anyway.
James urged me to silence as he afforded my exit. We had to be quick about it. The guards had been paid for only momentary blindness.
I said a quick word of farewell to my longest, truest friend and put my favorite (and only remaining) shawl across her face. Then I followed James up and out to freedom.
In the harbor, a small frigate with my father’s colors awaited us. After we boarded and set sail, James let me know the plan.
Through his connections with the governor, he found a small, uninhabited island. Using the monies he had earned as informant, he purchased that same island. There, he explained, we would live in blissful anonymity.
When I began to protest, he told me some details about the layout of our new abode and the way the prevalent currents avoided it. Few people, without intending to visit us, would find us. However, we had a ship.
His plan was wise. The years had grown well on James. Father provided that he would leave us be and circulate various rumors about my disappearance: that I had died, that I had remarried and lived as a sedate housewife, and that I vanished as mysteriously as I had been born.
Father only had two conditions for helping us. One, that we make available various items of interest we, shall we say, stumbled upon in our journeys for him to dispose of however he should wish. Some he would sell to profit by, but knowing how Father collects things which please him, others would find a place in his abode. However, the second condition was more personal. Perhaps he felt it made up for him being first an absent and then a permissive father? He required that I keep a journal, a record of my life and days to be available for him to read if ever he should visit us on the island. If I refused to do so, he would turn me back in to the Jamaican authorities.
As Father had never made such a promise of retribution before, I had no reason to doubt it. However, as James explained, with what we planned for our livelihood, it would not do well to have all the pages in the same place.
This, in evidence, is the first of such pages. I attest it to be as real and as truthful as I ever wrote.
Anne, Queen of Banet Island

Beneath her final words, a compass rose was drawn with one arrow pointing north and another southwest. I could only guess what that meant.


Christmas paragraph: Since I have a Swedish heritage, Christmas officially starts on Christmas Eve. (Well, Christmas proper. As a kid there was Advent and all that surrounded it plus the Feast of St. Nicholas and we even did Santa Lucia day sometimes...) We spend the day cooking and baking. Then the family gets together to eat around 4:00. If we're visiting my parents, it used to mean a mega-household of extended relations. As my sisters and I have become older (and our cousins, too) it has changed a bit because not everyone is free on Christmas Eve. Other than the Swedish Christmas dinner, another absolute is Christmas Eve service. My favorite is to go to midnight service to welcome the baby Jesus with my parents, but at home our church doesn't have that and we go around 7:00 PM. Ninety percent of the presents get opened Christmas Eve. We just save immediate family for Christmas morning. Christmas morning is quiet, relaxed and laid back. We have breakfast whenever everyone's up and then open the last presents. Then we just hang out together for the day.

Bio: Susan A. J. Lyttek, author of the Talbott family mystery trilogy by Harbourlight Books, including the recent release, Plundered Christmas, writes near the nation’s capital. She enjoys teaching the next generation of writers through STARS and WriteAtHome. Find out more about her upcoming books and other projects at sajlyttek.com.