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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

no the kids aren't back at school yet

I wish they were, but they're not. But this post isn't to moan about spongebob 24hrs a day. only its not. Probably about 12, with a little hannah montana and zach and cody thrown in.

my christmas story now has a title. I asked on FB for one lol and 'the holly and the kyle' was suggested. So until something else turns up, thats it.

i read a huge book in 2 days so really should do some writing now. Tho sponge bob is singing campfire songs in one ear and the muse is yelling in the other.

This happened once before and this was the result. Though you need to be a fan of Stargate SG1 to fully understand it as its from my fanfic collection.


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