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Monday, 10 August 2009

digs a hole and sticks a post in it.

It's 4.41am and again I'm awake. Probably because I fell asleep before 930pm last night. That's what happens why I lie on the bed and watch the TV. Oh well.

So i have HC back from my CP and it's good to go. Will sit on it for one more week, give it a final read then send it in. It's a contest entry so won't hear anything until after Christmas, if I hear anything at all.

I spent the last 10 days doing the first draft of a new story. It's a Christmas one. I'm now doing a second draft. It needs a lot more conflict than it has. It's funny though, the bits i'm adding in, fit perfectly with what's there. For example at the start she recognises the colonge he's wearing but can't place it. Now I know why. At the time it was just a random thought she had. Now it has a far more sinister purpose.

It's also written in first person pov. Unlike the other one I'm doing, which is both hero and heroine first pov, this is just the heroine. No terrorists in this one. Yet anyway lol.

In other news. S will soon be on her way back from her deployment. Hubby has most of this week off so we can take the kids out. Of course they want to go to London, and Bournmouth and places that cost a bomb to get to or get in and then want stuff when we get there and we're trying to do this on a shoestring. Counting the days til they go back to school. 23 to be precise. Half way thru the holiday. And I still have Friday's headache.

Back to the new (with the wierdest working title ever of Falling Xmas, why I have no idea it just it) story.

Okay, there's meant to be an edit button on each post but can I find it? Nope. I managed to change the header pic. YAY. and yes this is one I made myself. I was learning how to make a rainbow in photoshop and this was my first attempt. Gonna go fiddle and get rid of the green now. If I can. And try to add that edit button back.

okay, its an invisible edit button. Uh huh. Found it by clicking randomly on the bottom of the entry lol. And yes I found a black layout. :D

And I got the clock back. Not the same one as before, but a clock none the less. :) Yeah I know, little things please little minds.

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