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Saturday, 15 August 2009

And the muse ran away with the storm

Meet Cade. My muse. My very fickle muse who goes on long vacations without telling me, likes chocolate and cookies and Hillsong. Hates sponge bob, hannah montana and football.
He also like writing himself into the story as the hero. Hmmm... maybe that's who Rob is lol.

Well I saved Sky and am waiting on the rest back from my CP now. Then its send it off and hope this time she says yes. It's the last attempt at this publisher with this one.

I started a new short yeterday. No I haven't finished the Christmas one but this one demanded writing, so I ran with it.

Almost 4k in less than 2 days. My fingers hurt. Course that doesn't include the 13k i retyped on Sky before i found an easy way to do it.

Must go find a Scottish translator for this one tho. My Scottish light house keeper keeps lapsing into Queen's English. See:-


Angus came up behind her. “Told ye, lassie. It’s going tae be a bad’un. I hope that young man o’yours made it back.”

“First, he’s not my young man. He’s some fisherman I’ve spoken to on the radio.”

Angus laughed. “Some fisherman who makes your eyes sparkle and your creamy skin flush each time ye speak tae him. I seen in it my own girls and in my wife.”

“How is Rachel?” Kaylie tried changing the subject. From the position Rob gave her, he was too far out to make port in time.

“She’s fine. Taken the car and the cat and headed twenty miles inland.”

Kaylie did a double take. “Twenty miles inland? It’s a bit of rain.”

“Lassie, lassie, lassie. Dinnae ye hear the weather?”


oops. oh well. Back to my tusnami now.

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