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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Snowflakes and Snuggles - a new box set

From the authors who brought you most of Frosting and Flurries and all of Picnics and Promises, here comes our Christmas offering - Snowflakes and Snuggles.

It’s Christmastime in Moose Creek, Maine, and all is calm, all is bright … or is it? As Rev. Samantha Evans arranges to wed her best friend, Eric, she prays for strength to survive the month and marry the man of her dreams.

Forest ranger Eric Palmer can’t wait to whisk his sweetheart away for a cozy honeymoon. When life throws them a few curves in the shape of a meddlesome sister, an ill family member, an old flame, and a contrary moose, circumstances turn against them.

Their wedding plans in pieces, will the two of them discover that marriage is Almoosed Heaven?

Trauma surgeon, Quinn Southgate, is about to marry the woman of his dreams—his soul mate—when the unthinkable happens. His pager goes off, along with those of half the congregation. As news of a major incident filters through the church, Quinn is torn. Work wouldn't have paged him if it weren't urgent, but this was his wedding day.

Liz Hastings can't believe it when her groom's pager sounds mid-ceremony. She gives him a non-negotiable ultimatum—answer that bleep and the wedding is off.

Whatever choice Quinn makes, both he and Liz will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. And it isn't going to be an easy road for either of them.

When Delaney Chambers reluctantly returns to the foothills of East Tennessee for her best friend’s wedding, the last person she expects to run into is Austen Brantley, the neighbor who befriended her years ago following her parents’ sudden death. Austen's strong yet gentle demeanor is just what Delaney needs to calm her aching heart.

Austen believes his holiday reunion with Delaney is a Christmas miracle, perfect except for one thing--while Delaney is bent on returning to her fast-paced life in the city, Austen loves the ranch he's revived from the brink of disaster…and the slow-paced solitude of King's Gap.

Delaney insists as soon as the wedding is over she'll be on a plane back to Chicago. But Austen has other plans…to chase away painful memories and bring Delaney home to King's Gap—for good.

After Kelly Richardson walks in on her cheating fiancĂ© she makes some drastic changes in her life. At thirty years old, she moves away from home for the first time, desperate to escape her controlling father. When she volunteers for her church’s Christmas homeless ministry, she’s stunned when she discovers that Jamal Jennings, her first love, has also volunteered to feed the homeless.
Jamal Jennings has returned to Baltimore to care for his sick mother. He’s determined to stay in the area and open up his own bakery, and it appears that Kelly can help him fulfill his dream. But, when their dormant feelings from long ago are reawakened, Kelly admits that she is not emotionally ready to face their deep attraction.
During the Christmas season can Jamal and Kelly find the courage to fulfill their dreams?

He could be her Mr. Right. If only she didn’t know for sure that she’s his Ms Wrong.

Fiercely independent and notoriously snarky, school teacher Claire Robinson moved to Huckleberry Lake to teach in a one room schoolhouse and escape the grief of losing her happy ever after. No one in the welcoming Idaho community guesses her secret heartbreak.
Including Ryan Connor, who seems to think she’s “the One”, aided and abetted by match-making friends.
Sure, he’s handsome, kind, and her students light up brighter than the classroom Christmas tree when he’s around. If it wasn’t for just one thing, he’d be her perfect man. He wants a big family, something she can’t give him. Her snark and attitude should make him forget her.
Problem is, both God and Ryan seem to have other plans!

Everyday life for Dr. Melanie Kerr had consisted of happy deliveries and bundles of joy…until her worst nightmare became reality. The first deaths in her OR during an emergency C-section. Both mother and child, one month before Christmas. About to perform her first Caesarean since the tragedy, Melanie loses her nerve and flees the OR. She packs her bags and catches a flight to Budapest. Perhaps time spent in the city her lost patient hailed from, can help her find the healing and peace she desperately needs to be a good doctor again.

Since the filming of Jordan’s Journeys’ hit TV serial “Life Begins at Sixty” ended earlier in the year, journalist and TV host Jordan Stanson has gone from one assignment to the next. But before he can take a break, he has a final episode to film—“Zac’s First Christmas”. Not only is he looking forward to relaxing at his parents’ seaside home, he can’t wait to see his godchild, Zac, the baby born to the aging Dunhams. His boss, however, has squeezed in another documentary for him to complete before Christmas—uncovering the tragedy surrounding the doctor the country came to love on his show, the beautiful Dr. Kerr.

In order to chronicle her journey through grief and failure, Jordan has no choice but to get close to this woman. Something he has both tried and failed at in the past. He hopes through this assignment, he’ll be able to help her realize the tragedy wasn’t her fault. But even in a city so far away from home, work once again becomes the major catalyst to hinder romance between Jordan and Melanie.
That, and a thing called honesty.

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