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Friday, 31 March 2017

Welsh Wildfire

Today sees the launch of my 43rd book! 7 years and one day after signing my very first book contract!

Pastor Josh Wilson is running from his past and from God. He takes a construction job and volunteers as a retained firefighter in hopes that the small Welsh town of Betws-y-Coed will be a refuge and hiding place...but God has other plans.
GP Jess Thomas fights the instant attraction when an injured construction worker comes into her surgery. A native Scot with a U.S. passport is a mystery, but there is something else about the man that keeps drawing her to him.
As summer heats up, and the wildfires draw closer, can Josh overcome the past and move on? Or will he lose everything before his new life has begun?


Jess shook her head and laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Big strong bloke like you isn't afraid of a little needle, surely?” she asked, making light of the situation.
“Aye, maybe I am,” he drawled, sounding Scottish again this time.
“So close your eyes and think of home,” she told him. “I won't be long. Small scratch first as I'm going to numb your hand. That's an intriguing accent you have. You're not from around here, are you?”
“No. I was born in Scotland, but spent my life all over. Most of it in the States.” He stared at the ceiling as she stitched.
“Sounds like a fascinating story.”
“Not really.”
Jess finished with a bandage. “All done.” She scribbled quickly, grateful the local pharmacist could read her handwriting. It was a standing joke that all doctor's handwriting was illegible and hers certainly was. “Here's a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers. When was your last tetanus shot?”
“Five weeks, three days ago.” The answer came back firmly and swiftly.
“That's very precise.”
“It isn't something I'm likely to forget in a hurry.” His gaze swung from the ceiling back to her face. “They use needles in the States, too.”
“OK. Go and see Nerys on the desk, and she'll give you the forms to fill in to register you here. Make an appointment for next week to have the stiches removed. Either with one of the nurses or with me, depending whom you'd rather see.”
“Thanks, Doc.”
“You're welcome. Take care now.”
Jess cleared up for the next patient. Her pulse pounded, her chest tightened, her stomach was doing somersaults and her head throbbed. Anyone would think she was in love.
Pfft. Jess shook her head. She could give herself several very good reasons why love was not a good idea. She marked them off on her fingers as she listed them.
“One–he's a patient. Two–you've only just met him. Three–he's a patient. Four–he isn't going to be here long. No one ever stays here long. Five–he's a patient. Six–love at first sight doesn't exist. And seven and most importantly– He. Is. A. Patient.”

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