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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Frosting And Flurries

Frosting and Flurries. A new box set of Christmas Christian Romances from 5 best selling authors. 

James Dawson may look like a romance novel hero, but Erin Kirkland quickly realizes he is anything but. After a disastrous first meeting, James is determined to show Erin he’s a changed man. Can Erin trust the changes in James or will he revert to his former self at the first sign of trouble?

Sheila Parks is stunned when Mason Smith, the twin brother of her ex-boyfriend Reese, moves to Blue Spring and opens a bakery. Can she learn to trust a man who resembles her ex? Mason is shocked when Sheila storms into his bakery, mistakenly thinking that he’s Reese. A stutterer, Mason has a hard time communicating to others. Can he control his stutter so that he can ask Sheila to be his date to his grandmother’s Christmas birthday party?

 Rev. Samantha Evans lands in Moose Creek, Maine, where parishioners chew up new ministers for breakfast. Happily, she also reunites with forest ranger Eric Palmer, her best friend from her teenage years. With Samantha’s career on the line, Eric must save her job and rescue his own shattered heart in the process. But how does Matilda the moose factor into the mix?

It’s Christmas in Jennings toy store, with Santa, an elf, and a party to celebrate the centenary of the family-run business. The past rears its ugly head and plans go badly awry, but Brie and Hector discover there’s more than one way to celebrate with a bang.

Ginger Murphy returns to Ireland after five years when her mother’s health fails. A wedding flautist, she bumps into childhood sweetheart and wedding cake chef Brad O'Sullivan, who she tries to avoid. But when a church fundraiser for the homeless has Ginger competing with Brad, can she embrace the true meaning of Christmas—peace on earth, good will to all men? Even the Irishman she’d love to hate?

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