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Monday, 24 October 2016

Ruby the indomitable by Robin Jansen

Only one real memory with her mother remained: young Ruby standing in front of a bookstore, holding the hand of a woman in a red coat. After being rescued and taken in by servants, Ruby feels safe for a time. Then in 1920, during the hard winter in New York City, eleven-year-old Ruby is sent packing from the mansion where she’s been a servant since the age of six. A bleak future forces her to sneak onto a train where she discovers hope in Denton, Texas—only to have her newfound happiness shaken to the core when a poor working class section of town known as Quakertown is razed, causing black families to lose their homes. Now, Ruby must choose between the new family she has come to love and the place where people say she belongs.

The book is about a fictional character set in historical times. When Ruby traveled to Denton, Texas, the history is true.

My review:
Ruby is one of those 3D characters whom you fall in love with immediately and root for, cry for and laugh with. Based at the YA readership, this reader who is nowhere near that age, couldn't put it down. Not hiding the problem of being black in a mainly white world, this book leaves you turning pages and wanting more.
Would love to see a sequel of Ruby grown up and doing what she is planning on doing.

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About the Author
Robin Jansen Shope is an educator with five teaching certificates and twenty-five years of classroom experience. Her day position is being the Special Education Coordinator at the Denton County Juvenile Justice System for at-risk kids. By night she is an avid reader and a compulsive writer. Robin has two grown children and a grandson. She resides in Dallas, Texas with her dog and cat.
To date, her popular literary works include approximately two hundred articles in magazines such as Live, Lookout, Mennonite, Christian Reader, Decision, and Breakthrough. Her short stories can be found in book collections such as A Match Made in Heaven, Stories from the Heart, The Evolving Woman, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and in the New York Times Bestseller, In The Arms of Angels. One of these shorts, Mom s Last Laugh, was re-enacted for a PAX-TV program: It s a Miracle.

Robin co-authored three fiction novels, The Chase, The Replacement, and The Candidate. She went on to write Wildcard, The Christmas Edition, The Valentine Edition, and The Easter Edition.

The Christmas Edition will be released as a movie, Journey to Paradise by Salty Earth Pictures.

Ruby Red is Robin's first young adult book and first book with Sparklesoup LLC. Ruby Red and the Colors of Home, Book 2 of the Ruby Red Series will be published by Sparklesoup LLC in the Fall 2010.

An interesting fact about Robin Jansen Shope is, she is a former missionary.

Join Robin on Ruby Red's Official Facebook page to find out more about Discussion questions, historical facts, group discussions, contests, promotions, tours, author interviews, book trailer, author videos, and more!

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Robin Shope Jansen said...

Thank you Clare for the review and the mention. Means so much.