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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Touches of Time by LoRee Peery

A decades-old unsolved homicide.
A grieving single mother-to-be.
A cold-case investigator.
Sarah Bishop goes through her deceased mother’s belongings and becomes immersed in the details of her grandfather’s unsolved homicide. Determined to find who was responsible, for the sake of her unborn baby, Sarah vows to seek out the answers her mother had failed to find.
Cold Case Investigator Ford Melcher is intrigued by Sarah’s dogged drive to solve the old mystery. His current case has reached a frustrating dead end, but he comes to believe it is somehow linked to Sarah’s quest. His desire to protect her from further hurt is put to the test, especially when he has secrets he’d rather not disclose.
Answers could remain elusive as to who struck Sarah’s grandfather and left him in a ditch. Will the search for those answers open doors for her to discover the life God planned? Can she accept that plan if it includes a man who wasn’t forthright with information?

My Review:
Another winner. 5 stars.
Sara is expecting her first child and going through her late mothers things when she becomes determined to track down her grandfather’s murderer. A chance encounter with cold case investigator Ford is almost too good to be true, and when he takes on the case, they go through the evidence together, finding links in unexpected places.
This is another gripping read from LoRee Peery. It pulls you in from the start and won’t let you go. I both laughed and cried while reading this. Unputdownable is a word quite often bandied about these days, but this book really does that. The fact it is based partly on the author’s own experience, makes it an even more powerful and cathartic read. If you only read one book this year, make sure it’s this one.

You can buy a copy of the book HERE

In LoRee’s own words:

The cold case alluded to in Touches of Time is based on my father’s unsolved homicide. The old documents portion of the story is recorded in my own journals and notebooks.
The account of my father’s murder has been written twenty different ways. After all, I only know the event from my perspective at the time it happened. The rest is conjecture and left up to my imagination.
Over the years I got worked up enough to attempt to get things moving in the investigation. The quest for answers caused me to struggle with many uncertainties. Going through my files always stirs up myriad emotions as my mind travels back. Some memories have grown dim with time, yet others may carry the impact of immediacy forever.
I’ve imagined all kinds of conclusions to close this albatross that hovers over my family. I can still get riled over what I view as handled wrong initially. I’ve pictured a scene of death and a scene of justice for each alleged speculation.
My whole family has faced and dealt with the absence of resolution, or not.
As Sarah’s mother expressed in Touches of Time, I believe faith involves living without answers. God holds those answers, as well as control of the justice that belongs to Him alone. I know that. Yet, also knowing a killer went free has never left the back of my mind.
I have entrusted God with the long chapter of my life story that has an ending known only to Him. Even though there will always be questions regarding my father’s homicide, the ultimate answer is in the Lord’s hands.
This version of my story, a love between Sarah and Ford, ends with a happy ending, as all true romances wrap up. I praise my Lord for victory through grace.

I also thank my talented author friend Clare for the generous spot here today.

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