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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Remaining release dates for the flowers can be fatal series.

I now have release dates for the rest of the books in the flower series.

The series name is Flowers Can Be Fatal. All are available from the usual places plus direct from the publisher.

Carnations in Jan - out now
Violets in Feb - out now
Daffodils in March - out now
Sweetpeas in April - March 11
Lily of the Valley in May - April 4
Roses in June - May 20
Waterlilies in July - June 10
Gladioli in August - July 7
Forget me nots in Sept - Aug 5
Marigolds in Oct - Sept 9
'Mums in Nov - Oct 21
Holly in Dec - Nov 4
Dutch Crocus - TBA (still not galley'd yet)

And here's the series poem - the tagline of each book being the relevant line of said poem.

Carnations in January shake the foundations
Violets in February are an aid to salvation
Daffodils in March bring betrayal and loss
Sweet peas in April consume all the dross
Lily of the Valley in May brings danger untold
Roses in June show hope in a heart filled with gold
Water lilies in July a town will submerge
Gladioli in August love from the ash will emerge
Forget-me-nots in September are on the front line of fear
Marigolds in October will test her career 
Chrysanthemums in November show the burden of choice
Holly in December lets a broken family rejoice

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