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Monday, 5 May 2014

Cover reveal part two

So as promised here are the next four covers in my new series flower months of the year. We'll probably come up with a slightly catchier title but it'll do for now. :)

Lily of the Valley in May
After Faith Chadwick witnesses her fiancé kill a priest, her only choice for survival is to hide. She flees south and moves in with her sister, Grace.
Joel Wallac, the man next door is a best-selling author, who needs an illustrator for his new book. He employs Faith, but things aren’t as simple as they seem.

When Faith’s ex tracks her down, Joel hides her, but is it too little too late, or will their lives be changed forever?

Roses in June
Dawn Stannis has little time for anything other than teaching, never mind organizing a career's fayre for the year nines, but this year’s event will be well attended as one of the speakers she lines up is actor Gabriel Tyler.
After his father’s unexpected death, movie actor Gabriel became the 8th Earl of Elton a lot sooner than he expected and his mother became a right royal nuisance. She now has an issue with nearly everything in his life, most recently insisting he give up acting so he can play lord of the manor. She’s even gone as far as to set him up with “acceptable” wife material. He’s not ready to give up his career or his bachelor status. At least he didn’t think so until he meets Dawn. She’s beautiful, intelligent and it soon becomes apparent to Gabe that his heart is in serious danger.

But Dawn isn’t interested due to his Hollywood-cultivated playboy image. With a career where everything is a façade, can he ever convince Dawn that his intentions are honest and real?

Water lily in July
Lighthouse keeper, Kaylie Wells, loves her job. It just rules out much of a social life. The high point of her day is the cheeky fisherman who radios in for weather reports.
Rob Peacock is married to the sea—but dreams of the lady in the lighthouse he speaks to daily. Finally he gets the chance to meet her, during her leave, and she’s everything he hoped for.

All too soon, Kaylie’s leave is over and she returns to work. But a spring tide and storm surge spell disaster for both them and the town.

Gladioli in August
Jael Stevens ignores her brother’s warning not to go to volcanic island Tiampu—it’s got to be safer than living in Headley Cross, right? Wrong.
Micah Norris is convinced his heart is safe. He’s arrogant, conceited and no woman would ever want him, right? Wrong.

And Tiampu is an extinct volcano, right? Wrong.

come back next week for the last four covers.

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