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Monday, 12 May 2014

cover reveal part three

And here's the last four covers.

Forget-me-nots in September
Lt Col Darren King is on his third tour of Afghanistan. He signs up for the parcel service, as he likes the contact from home.
Jude Travis loves sending parcels and is thrilled when ‘her squaddie’ replies. A rapid letter exchange follows.

When he comes home on R&R they meet up. But are things what they seem and if not, will they survive the rest of his tour? 

Marigolds in October

DI Milly Jenson spent the best part of a year haunted by a case that saw her demoted--one that resulted in the deaths of 3 colleagues, the kidnap victim and the suspect. When a spate of similar kidnappings occur in Perth, Scotland, TPTB send her to work with the local PD.
DCI Craig Makepeace doesn't want some English plod interfering with his case. Never mind one who stuffed up as much as Milly Jenson has. But it seems she knows the killer and may be their only hope.

The problem is his heart is in just as much danger as the victim. Can he keep his professional and personal lives separate? Or are he and Milly on a collision course that could have drastic consequences for everyone?

Chrysanthemums in November
The Adelphi Theatre has been in April Kincaid's family for coming up on one hundred years. An accomplished actress she has trodden the boards there many times and is thrilled to be directing one of her own plays, Home is where the heart is. The one thing that would make it perfect would be for Edmund Reid to take the main male lead. After all she'd written it with him in mind.
BAFTA winning actor Edmund Reid prefers stage work to anything else, but a month before Christmas is offered the lead in the new musical film version of Spartacus which he accepts. Meaning he has to turn April's job offer down and move to the States.

When disaster strikes the theatre, Edmund is faced with a stark choice. Does he carry on with the film which would send his career global or does he come to April's rescue? Is home really where his heart lies? Or does a snow free winter in LA have a greater pull on him?

Holly in December

Hope Chadwick ran away from home at 17. She hasn't been heard of since. Now she's 25, homeless and has two small children. Unable to cope or feed them, she leaves them both in the local church.
Nick Slater is assistant pastor at Headley Cross Baptist. He's on his way home when he finds a young woman about to throw herself off a bridge. He realizes she’s the same woman who keeps crossing his path and resolves to help her put her life back together, no matter what it takes.

With Christmas fast approaching, can Nick help Hope find herself and her family to ensure everyone gets a happy ending, while finding one for himself?

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