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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hearts Haven Week. Wounded Grace by Tanya Stowe

Madison Harper is glad to be alive after a devastating skiing accident. She loves her new community, too. There's something peaceful about the Heart's Haven cottages. Madison wakes up every morning, praising the Lord and basking in constant sunshine--until the day Andrew Hart collapses from a massive heart attack and dies. When widower Lance Dalton arrives to help his sister bury her husband. He and Madison agree to bury the hatchet from their turbulent past. But no matter how hard they try, they seem to bring out the worst in each other. Their verbal battles uncover too many old hurts, mistaken paths, and hidden feelings.  Can these two embittered souls ever hope to find peace and healing or has the healing peace of Heart's Haven died with Mr. Hart?

My Review:
This story had me in tears on page five. One of those heart stopping...no you can't do that moments. This isn't a spoiler if you've read the blurb. Later on I wanted to bash the character's heads together or tell them to grow up. And I smiled and chuckled. It's rare a book will produce such a torrent of different emotions and Wounded Grace certainly delivers on that front. Combine it with a story where you actually care what's going on and you have a winning combination that you will want to read over and over again.

Tanya Stowe is an author of Christian Fiction with an unexpected edge. She fills her stories with the unusual…gifts of the spirit and miracles, mysteries and exotic travel, even an angel or two. No matter where Tanya takes you…on a journey to the Old West or to contemporary adventures in foreign lands…be prepared for the extraordinary.

And now the character interview:
Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?

My name is Madison Harper.  I had a horrible snow skiing accident two years ago andI almost lost my life.

Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there?

I live at Heart’s Haven. My good friend Vivien Hart invited me to stay and I’ve found a peace and a new purpose here. I don’t ever want to leave.

What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know?

I used to have a very lucrative decorating business and spent my time in suits and heels. Now I love to dig in the dirt and am most comfortable with a sun hat, gloves and a shovel in my hand!

Name two things would you hate people to know about you?

I may seem organized and accomplished on the outside but inside I’m an insecure teenager and please don’t look in my closet or my drawers!

Tell us about your special bloke. What makes him special?

Lance Dalton is an amazing man. I’ve loved him forever…everyone loves him. He’s strong, sincere, dependable. He cares and it shows. People are drawn to Lance and his core strength.

The first time you saw him, what did you think? Did you like him immediately, or did he have to grow on you?

I loved Lance almost from the first time I met him.

And now some silly questions.

Pepsi or coke

Neither. I can’t afford the calories or the caffeine.

tea or coffee

Both. One cup of latte in the morning and herbal teas throughout the day. Still avoiding that caffeine.

elephant or tiger

Tiger. Definitely.

roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)

I love a good burger with pickles, onions and fries.

classical music or pop

Pop. Can’t stop dancing when I hear those beats…even if movement is restricted with my bum leg after the accident.

sunrise or sunset

Both. They are both God’s paintings and I catch them when I can.

walk or run

Walk. My leg doesn’t allow me to run for any distance.

chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.


Delia Latham said...

Isn't it wonderful? I think Tanya did an amazing job...as always, of course! - on this novella. Needless to say, lots of tears were shed, even amongst the authors, during the course of writing this Easter collection.

Linda Marie Finn said...

Oh so can't wait ! Can't wait till Party time on Hearts Haven either...sigh Tears, going to stock up on tissues !
Linda Finn
Faithful Acres Books

Tanya Stowe said...

Thank you, Delia, for the kind words. Yes, Linda, stock up on the tissue. This is an Easter collection full of sad times and God's redemption!

Clare Revell said...

Don't think I've ever disliked a bunch of authors so much LOL. Seriously, who's idea was it??? Actually looking forward to the next bunch of stories to see how the complex moves on.

Tanya Stowe said...

Thank you so much Clare, for inviting me to visit and interviewing Madison. She's a special lady!

Tanya Stowe said...

We'll, Clare, don't want to let the bag out of the bag but we do have some special plans for the complex.