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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Busy Bee Candles

It's not often I do this other than for books, but I have found the most amazing candles ever. All handmade in Wales using soy wax and they smell divine. They also ship world wide so you don't have to miss out if you're not in the UK. And best of all, they use paypal, so payment is easy and secure.

I kid you not about the scent. I'm currently burning 'green green grass' and honestly I might as well be outside just after hubby has cut the lawn.
They come in mini wax tarts, tea lights, ordinary wax tarts and in candle form. I'm yet to try the candle ones. I still need to try the new range of bath stuff too. 

And in hundreds of scents, from Christmas to Easter, valentines, flowers, spices... there is something to please everyone.

Put an ordinary tea light in the bottom of the burner, pop the wax tart in the top and just sit back and enjoy. Most last at least 2 tealights, if not more. I burn them as I write - its a brilliant way to get the mood right for the book I'm currently writing. Especially as no one wants Christmas carols playing in Jan. Honestly I don't know why, but anyway...

And it makes the whole house smell wonderful. Hubby often has one burning upstairs. He loves the coffee ones.

My current favourites are magnolia blossom, sweetpea arbor and baby powder... And the vapour rub ones are brilliant for when someone in the house has 'man flu'.

Changing the scent is easy. Once the wax  has set and the burner is cool... pop the whole thing in the freezer for 20 mins, then it literally pops out and you can reuse it later. or just throw away if its now lost its scent. Let the burner return to room temp - takes 10 mins or so and you're good to go again.

You can find Busy Bee Candles at the following places. 



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