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Clare writes inspirational romance, usually of a suspenseful nature. Her books are available through her publisher Pelican Book Group and Amazon. She is married with three kids and lives in the UK. She loves watching sci-fi, crime drama, cross stitching, reading and baking.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tender Trust

Alex Marsden dragged Penny Layton out of the gutter and promised her a happy-ever-after-love with a house and a white-picket fence. But the Civil War changed their paths. Separated twice by circumstances beyond their control, Penny learned to survive on her own, but lost hope. Five years later when Alex miraculously returns to her, Penny doesn't believe in happy endings or miracles. Will Alex's faith and love be strong enough to drag Penny out of the gutter one more time?

Penny’s voice rose in the last notes of the song, as if in prayer. But she’d stopped praying a long time ago.

“Thanks, Aunt Penny,” Jann murmured. “You’re the best.”

For one short moment, she believed it. Felt like she could conquer anything.

Then the men began to clap and cheer.

“I guess I owe you an apology, young man. Penny is a fine singer.” Brady looked at her with something different in his eyes.

She knew the look and hated it. It had frightened her as a young girl. Now it sickened her. She ducked her head and would have jumped from the bar, but Brady reached for her. She shied away from his hands, closer to Jann.

“Sing one more,” Brady coaxed.

She shook her head, but the men crowded in around her and pressed for more. It was always this way. Her singing awakened something hot and dangerous in them. After she sang, they looked at her differently, like an object to be possessed at all costs.

Tonight was no different. She felt smothered, as if she sank into a deep, dark pit of groping male hands and wet lips.

“One more.”

”No...no, I can’t.” She shook her head again. They didn’t hear her, wouldn’t stop, and they were so close, too close. She couldn’t move or breathe. She closed her eyes.

“Just one. We ain’t heard nothing that pretty since Jenny Lind came through.” Suddenly, strong hands gripped her waist and

lifted her effortlessly off the bar. She opened her eyes to see a dark, jacket-covered chest. There was something familiar about the feel of those arms...something...

Penny opened her eyes and looked straight into Alex Marsden’s face.

She screamed and shoved the man away with both hands.

It couldn’t be Alex. He was dead. He had to be, or he would have come back for her.

“Penny!” The man stepped towards her.

She let out another startled cry and put out a hand to stop him.

He sounded like Alex. Looked like Alex. But he couldn’t be.

She shook her head. He couldn’t be. Men grabbed him, held him back. He struggled for a moment, then stopped fighting and stood up straight. “It’s me, Penny. It’s really me.” It was truly him. Her dead husband was alive.

Alex! Her thoughts and senses came to a screeching halt.

Everything went black.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bright Copper Kettles by Candice Sue Patterson

Christmastown, Vermont: where it’s Christmas 365 days a year…
To Darcy Carr the holiday is depressing enough without reliving it every day. Her thriving wreath business and faithful cat are no longer enough to distract her from the pain of her past memories or her current loneliness. Is her frosty neighbor, the only one in town with no Christmas decorations, just another Scrooge, or could he be the one she’s been looking for?

Coppersmith Dean Whitfield hasn’t celebrated Christmas—or anything else—since the death of his wife and unborn child. And he certainly has no desire to carry on the family tradition of crafting a star for the town’s Christmas tree, even if it will benefit a charity. Can Darcy and the joy of the season thaw his frozen heart and help him love again?

Dean slunk down the hallway to leave through the kitchen to avoid interrupting class. His foot hit the first square of the faded tile floor when a high-pitched voice rang out.
“Dean Whitfield.”
Drat. He faced the parlor. Ruth Simpson.
“I thought that was you, Dean. Come in here and sit a spell.”
“Thanks, but I’ve got a delivery to make.”
Ruth pursed her shockingly bright red lips. “Nonsense. You’ve got time to grab a cookie or two. Come on.”
He looked to Darcy for an escape.
“Help yourself. There’s plenty.”
Ethel gave a high thumbs-up, devouring the baked disc like it was her last meal.
Why was everyone throwing food at him all of a sudden? Did he look sick?
Darcy handed him a napkin and pointed to the plate of peppermint cookies. He only took one, still full from the donuts. Darcy layered it with another, a mischievous smile curling her lips.
“We’re all excited about this year’s charity auction, Dean.” Ruth stabbed her foliage hoop with a sparkly Christmas ornament.
His stomach tightened.
“Charity auction?” Darcy’s eyes widened with interest.
Ruth sipped her coffee. “Every Christmas since 1958, Whitfield Copper makes something to represent the town. It’s auctioned, and the proceeds go to charity. They mayor decides which charity will get the goods.”
“What a great tradition.” Darcy’s big brown eyes sparkled.
He had to get out of here.
“Your father always did such a fantastic job with the opening speech,” Ruth continued. “Had a special way of working the crowd. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring to us now.” She lowered her flabby chin, her gaudy earring swaying.
Dean swallowed. “I better get going. Storm’s rolling in.”
He handed Darcy the napkin of untouched cookies. With long strides, he fled the house, escaping into the frigid December air.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Wishes Special Delivery by Mary Manners


Love comes full circle when a child’s Christmas wish arrives special delivery.


When attorney Riley Harper comes home to Maple Ridge following the death of his grandfather, the last thing he expects to find is Kaylee McKenna living in his grandparents’ guesthouse. Though they were once best friends—even more—Riley cannot find it in his heart to forgive Kaylee for the death of his mother ten years ago as a result of her father’s reckless actions. His heart, full of bitterness and resentment, has room for little else.

Kaylee has not time to dwell on events of the past—or all she’s lost; she’s too busy raising her six-year-old niece, Rosie, and working as an ER nurse. With Christmas quickly approaching, her days are spent helping with charity events and filling the wishes on Rosie’s Christmas list. But when Rosie’s father makes and unexpected visit, Kaylee must call on Riley’s legal expertise to ensure Rosie of a safe and secure future.

Will Rosie’s special Christmas wish heal Riley’s damaged heart and bind the trio together as a forever-family?

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Christmas Bonus by Patty Froese

When Millie's boss asks her to work over Christmas, she's hesitant to give him any more overtime. She has plans for her life that include quitting this job and starting her own photography business, and she promises herself to quit by New Years.

Andrew Holmes has no desire to go back to his tiny hometown for the holidays, but his manipulative grandfather gives him an ultimatum that he just can't refuse. So in order to get the last project of the year finished in time, he asks his assistant, Millie, to make the trip with him.

With a disgruntled brother, a sister-in-law struggling with infertility and a little boy who shows up claiming that one of the Holmes men is his father, Christmas is about to get complicated...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Christmas Promise by Tamera Lynn Kraft

A Christmas Promise:
A Moravian Holiday Story, Circa 1773
During colonial times, John and Anna settle in an Ohio village to become Moravian missionaries to the Lenape. When John is called away to help at another settlement two days before Christmas, he promises he’ll be back by Christmas Day.
When he doesn’t show up, Anna works hard to not fear the worst while she provides her children with a traditional Moravian Christmas.
Through it all, she discovers a Christmas promise that will give her the peace she craves.


December 23, 1773, Schoenbrunn Village, Ohio
Anna Brunner kneaded dough while she tried not to notice it was almost dusk. Her husband still wasn’t home. She wiped her hands on her apron and glanced out the six-pane window. The last glint of sunlight blazed the horizon gleaming on the dirt path. No trace of him.

After scooping some sugar, she worked it into the dough and strove to reflect on the Christmas Eve Lovefeast and all the work she had ahead. She’d been honored with the mission of making the sweet buns and would be one of the Dieners serving the meal at their newly built church.
It did no good to fret about what was going on at the meeting down the road. She’d find out soon enough. She released her anxiety on the dough as she squeezed her fingers through and pounded it into shape.

After living in this village for over a year, celebrating the yuletide with all the fanfare it deserved would make up for everything.


The children giggled as they finished a game of jackstraws. Belinda, eight years old, failed to remove a straw without touching the others, and Lisel, the round faced six-year-old, smirked as she shouted out in triumph. Three-year-old Katrina’s brown curls bounced as she clapped for Lisel. She hadn’t managed to win any rounds, but Belinda insisted they let her play until a winner had been declared.

Let’s get the tree ready,‛ Belinda said.

The girls threw the wheat straws in a basket and dashed to the wooden pyramid frame their father had built. Large boughs were stacked in the corner of the room. Earlier today, before John was beckoned, he’d cut them from the pine trees that lined God’s Acre, the village cemetery.

Moravians didn’t cut down trees and drag them into houses the way some did. By using the frame built from wood, and boughs cut from limbs, they still managed to build a nice Christmas tree.
Once all the limbs were in place, the girls would decorate it with pieces of paper with Scripture verses written on them, and pure white beeswax candles with red ribbons tied around them to represent Jesus, the light of the world, who shed his blood on the cross.

Maybe this year will be better.

You can find Tamera at 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Finding Home


A Christmas voyage to London…
Six months ago, Alexa Gordon’s engagement transformed from happiness to betrayal. Christmas is on the way. The last thing she wants to do is spend the holiday in mourning for being so foolish with her emotions. A spontaneous, soul-reviving trip to London is just what she needs.
Becomes a mission of the heart…
Peter Colby, a treasured friend from Alexa’s study abroad term in England years ago, welcomes her back to the UK with open arms. He knows she’s still reeling, but he’s determined to show her a proper, fulfilling love that will keep her at his side forever.
And God’s plan unfolds…
But they life half the world apart, and Alexa is shattered by past pain. Can Peter help her find the courage she longs for? Can he convince Alexa that finding home isn’t just about logistics it’s about the power of the heart?


Marianne Evans is a multi-award-winning author of Christian romance and fiction. Her hope is to spread the faith-affirming message of God’s love through the stories He prompts her to create. Readers laud her work as: ‘Riveting.’ ‘Realistic and true to heart.’ ‘Compelling.’
Marianne’s novel, Devotion earned the prestigious Bookseller’s Best Award from Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America.  Hearts Communion earned Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year honors in the Romance category as well as best inspirational romance from the Ancient City Romance Authors, a chapter of RWA. Her novella Finding Home earned the Selah Award for excellence in Christian fiction and Evans has also earned acclaim in such RWA contests as The International Digital Awards, The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence where she has been a finalist twice, and the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence contest.
Happily married and the mother of two, Marianne is a lifelong resident of Michigan who is active in a number of a number of Romance Writers of America chapters, most notably the Greater Detroit Chapter where she served two terms as President. She’s also active in American Christian Fiction Writers and the Michigan Literary Network.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Faith House

When Hurricane Sandy nearly destroys Sadie’s home, she’s determined to restore it. She promised her dying grandmother she’d stay in the house until her schizophrenic father, who disappeared twenty years earlier, returns. The house is her only link to him.

Max has loved Sadie since sixth grade, but after their mutual friend died when they were teens, Sadie pushed him away. He’s finally found her a decade after graduation, and this time, he can’t bear to lose her again, certainly not to a flooded house hundreds of miles from home and her misguided hope of finding her father.

After discovering her house is underinsured, Sadie is caught between her love for Max and her need for her father. Can she trust God enough to let go of her only connection to her dad? Can she trust Max enough to let go of her heart?

If time and money were no object, Robin would travel all the time. Her goal is to visit every place in the world--twice. Because, as you know, the first time, you don't know exactly what you want to see. So you flit from one tourist attraction to another and enjoy every minute of it. But it's always on the last day that you find the best thing, and you don't have enough time to explore it properly, and you wished you'd discovered it first (but even if you had, you wouldn't know it was the best thing, because you hadn't seen everything else yet). So you have to go back a second time. It's just logical.

Alas, time is short and money is scarce, and Robin's family doesn't want to follow her all around the world, so she does the next best thing: she writes. In the worlds Robin creates, she can go back to the best places time and again. And when they're not perfect, that's all right--she just edits until they are.

In the real world, Robin is married to the man of her dreams, Edward, and together they have three children, Nicholas, Lexi, and Jacob. Her family is a close second on her list of priorities after her relationship with God.

So that's her life: God, husband, kids, and made-up worlds where she has complete control. Who could ask for more?

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Starlight Star Bright by JoAnn Durgin


Texas-born World Cup champion goalie, Dante Moretti, only expected tiny Starlight, Iowa to be a blip on the radar of his life. Stopping at Barney’s Diner for a quick meal two weeks before Christmas, Dante meets two women who capture his heart in very different ways. Then his rental car won’t start, stranding him overnight. Could the Lord have a plan for bringing him to Starlight?
Amanda Marston is excited to be home in Starlight for her big brother Jake’s wedding. When she drops in for a cup of Caroline Picasso’s coffee at Barney’s, who is that handsome, Italian-spouting cowboy? Before she knows it, Dante’s staying with Ben and Caroline and helping out with projects all over Starlight. Does God have a plan for Dante in Starlight, one that might include Amanda?

“It’s been an honor to meet you, Miss Marston. Ciao.”
“You, too. Have a nice…life, Dante.”
Most women tried to ingratiate themselves in his life and wanted whatever he was willing to share or give. Not this woman. He wouldn’t be a full-blooded man if her attitude hadn’t issued an irresistible, if unspoken, challenge. Amanda had dismissed him, sipped her coffee and wished him well on his life’s journey with a casual good-bye. Well, fine. He owed no one any explanations. Blip on the radar. Keep moving.
“You, too.” When Dante started to tip his hat to her, the realization hit him he’d left it on the counter stool.
Without missing a beat, Amanda reached for the hat and flung it at him with precise aim. He caught it one-handed.
Grazie. Great toss.”
“Great catch.”
Although he’d heard it many times in his career, it’d never meant the same thing as it did coming from Amanda’s lips now.
“I know how Texans revere their Stetsons,” she said. “I wouldn’t want you to leave Starlight and realize later on that you’d forgotten something important here at Barney’s.”
Seemed Amanda was every bit the straight-shooter as Miss Caroline, and her words weren’t lost on him. Dante dipped his head, positioned the Stetson, and ran his fingers around its brim.
“Why do men always do that? Run their fingers around the edge of their cowboy hats?”
Eyeing her for a few seconds, he tried to come up with an answer she might actually believe. “They get a lot of wear and tear and it helps reshape it once it’s on my head.” He had no idea, but it sounded plausible.
She shrugged. “Makes sense. I always kind of wondered about that.”
“The truth? John Wayne and Clint Eastwood do it in their movies. For whatever reason, it comes naturally.”
“Oh, so you do it for the coolness quotient.” It wasn’t a question.
“Worked on you, signorina.” Now he was flirting? He needed to get out of Starlight. Now.
“Curiosity doesn’t necessarily imply interest.”
Che piacere conoscervi. . .spero ci sia una prossima volta, arrivederci.”
Amanda’s brows rose. “Care to translate? You have the unfair advantage, you know.”
He zeroed in on her lovely, clear brown eyes. “I’m delighted to have met you, and I hope there’s a next time.”
Something he couldn’t translate flickered in her expression and caused his breathing to slow. “I don’t know how to say it in Italian, but likewise. Ciao, Italian Cowboy.”
Ciao.” Regret flooded his senses as he tugged open the door and stepped outside, breathing in the brisk evening air to clear his head. The clanging of the bell behind him only reinforced how alone he was in the world. At least for the past hour, he’d been welcomed and appreciated by two very different but incredible women. For the first time in years, he felt like the cowboy from little Justis, Texas again. No more, no less.

And that felt pretty good. 

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Starlight, Star Bright is the sequel to the popular Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, part of Pelican Book Group's 2012 Holiday Extravaganza.

Jacob Marston, Starlight, Iowa's hometown hero made a long-ago promise to the Lord: he won't kiss a woman until he knows she's "the one." Now at age twenty-eight, the rugged firefighter questions if it'll ever happen. Then, he meets his best friend's sister, and Jake believes he's found the woman of his dreams. But what will she think when she discovers his vow? When Julia makes an unexpected confession on Christmas Day, Jake shares his secret with her, and it looks as though happily-ever-after will make a holiday appearance. But somehow, everyone in the tiny town of Starlight learns Jake’s secret, and he's instantly transformed from town hero to laughingstock. Did Julia reveal his secret? Can Jake forget the humiliation and find his way under the mistletoe to share a forever kiss with Julia?

“I’d better get over to the firehouse,” Jake said, his gaze lingering on Julia. The way she cut her pancakes into miniscule bites was fascinating, but the woman must take an hour to eat a sandwich. Thank goodness Dylan didn’t share that trait, or there’d be a few more houses in Starlight burned to the ground while the man finished his food. Now, you’re being ridiculous.
“Who’s watching Bailey while you’re at work?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
Julia lowered her cup to the counter, her expression incredulous. “Please tell me you put her in a crate in the kitchen, in a closed room, or in a contained area with a baby gate or something?”
“No, I didn’t.” Owning a dog was a lot more involved than he’d anticipated. “Will I need to file an insurance claim?”
“You might. Here’s a tip: before you go to the station today, you might want to stop by the house and check on her . . . and take my suggestion to keep her in an enclosed space.”
Jake frowned. “Point taken. I’m sure you’re right.” His shoulders drooped. “Man, I stink as a dog daddy.”
“You’ll be fine.” The smile she gave him distracted him to the point where he tossed down a five by mistake on the shiny countertop for Carolyn’s tip. He’d look like a heel if he made change, but he figured she could use the extra since her stove was on the fritz.
“Hey, Caroline?” he called.
She paused while slathering Dan Johnson’s toast with too much artery-clogging butter. “Yeah, Jake?”
“I’ll come over on Thursday morning about ten to take a look at your stove.”
Caroline’s doting smile was reward enough. She raised the knife in her hand and waved it in Julia’s direction. “Honey, if I was you, I’d snap this man up in a heartbeat, for no reason other than he can fix anything. That and the fact he could melt the chocolate on your s’mores. You keep that in mind.”
Jake coughed and turned aside but not before he noticed the flush spreading across Julia’s cheeks. He went over to Caroline and pushed a ten dollar bill into her hand, curling her fingers around it. “Tell her breakfast is on the house. Grand Reopening special or whatever.”
“You’re a sweet boy, Jacob. Will do,” Caroline said, giving him a quick hug.
Passing by Julia, he leaned close. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Miss Sinclair, in case you need anything fixed.”
Putting one hand over her chest, she moved her eyes upward to meet his. “I beg your pardon?”
Jake darted a glance at Caroline. She’d turned her back, but her shoulders shook with unmistakable laughter. At least she was discreet and from what he knew, no one else with decent hearing sat close enough to hear. He scratched his head and tried not to roll his eyes. “I’ll see you at the soup kitchen at the church tomorrow night, if you’re helping out. I mean—”
“I’ll see you then, Jake. Try to be good in the meantime, and go check on Bailey.”

Julia’s smile was a lovely sight to behold, and at least it wasn’t mocking. Not much more he could say. Jake tugged on his hat and gloves before strolling out of Barney’s with as much dignity as he could muster. Well, it can’t get much worse. Good thing Dylan’s sister was already taken because after that totally inept blunder, she sure wouldn’t have any romantic interest in him.

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The author of seven books, JoAnn is an estate administration paralegal in a Louisville, Kentucky law firm and lives in southern Indiana. Visit her at www.joanndurgin.com or via her Author JoAnn Durgin page on Facebook.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Texas Christmas Mystery

A lady Coastguardsman searches for a killer. An oil rig troubleshooter accused of murder races to clear his name. The murderer strives to silence them both.
As Amber seeks to arrest Derrick, sparks fly.
Amber Meredith needs to solve her first case. But the handsome Cajun suspect makes her heart race and her toes tingle.

Derrick Darbonne worked all his life for his high-paying, adventurous job. When his past threatens his future, will he endanger the woman he loves?  


ANNE GREENE delights in writing about wounded heroes and gutsy heroines. Her second novel, a Scottish historical, Masquerade Marriage, won the New England Reader Choice award, the Laurel Wreath Award, and the Heart of Excellence Award. The sequel Marriage By Arrangement releases in December, 2013.  A Texas Christmas Mystery also won awards. She makes her home in McKinney, Texas. Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord when she was twenty-one and Chuck Swindoll is her Pastor. View Anne’s travel pictures and art work at http://www.AnneGreeneAuthor.com. Anne’s highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. Buy Anne’s books at http://www.PelicanBookGroup.com. Or at http://www.Amazon.com.
Win prizes and learn about writing fiction at http://www.anneswritingupdates.blogspot.com   

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A blessed blue Christmas by LoRee Peery

Dahlia Delisi has poured her life into her store, The Blue Dahlia.  Once her faith was strong, and her life was on a different course.  But when Sloan Letheby left town, Dahlia drifted away from God.
Sloan Letheby has been transformed. His brush with death brought new meaning to his faith in God, and he needs to right old wrongs.  However, there's a murder plot in the way of his reunion with Dahlia.  Can he find a killer before it's too late?  And can Dahlia accept him...and God, back into her life?

The recent activity wiped out Dahlia, and time slowed. Surprisingly, she dozed most of the way back to Lincoln. On the street that housed her duplex, she roused from her lethargy.

Sloan cupped her shoulder, and she sat straight. “I’ll let you know tomorrow if we’ve had any kind of break. Hopefully, this will all be over. Remember to thank the Lord that Ken is going to be fine.”

“Are you sure you don’t think I’m a wimp, the way you’re telling me to take it easy? My little snooze is probably the only rest I’ll get until Christmas. Counting down the days, and Christmas Eve is always the busiest day other than Black Friday. For some reason guys put off that special gift purchase to the last minute. Not that I’m complaining.” She’d forgotten to leave Ken’s bracelet gift for Carrie. It remained in her purse. She unlatched her belt and reached for the door handle.

“Wait. I’ll come around.” He did more than open her pickup door. He pulled her to his side, tucked her against him, and walked her up the drive.

She sighed, relished the familiarity.

Being so near to Sloan erased the years. Dahlia gave no thought to resting her head on his shoulder, falling into an old pattern.

Ever so gently, he shifted his stance so they faced one another. The icicle Christmas lights dripping from the eaves added a golden reflection to his eyes. “I won’t apologize. I can’t resist.”

“What for?”

“Shhh,” he said, sliding a finger across her lips.

He bent forward and replaced his finger with his lips, grazing her cheek with his face. His nose felt cold, but his lips shot fire through her.

Dare she give in? She was too tired to allow her mind influence over the temptation of responding to his touch. This was Sloan after all whose touch and feel at one time were almost an extension of her own body.

She got into the kiss. Within a nanosecond, hands were in motion. His and hers, roaming over arms, shoulders, backs, waists, as though their limbs held memory in the muscles. She skimmed her right hand over the ridge of ribs, firmness of body beneath layers, until her fingers reached his nape. She cupped the base of his skull, where the indented seven-shaped scar registered through her fingertips. Her traveling fingers rose higher and rolled his warm stocking cap into a heap.

He moaned, and pulled them out of the upsurge of heat. “We’ve both wanted this since we laid eyes on each other again.”

She swerved to the side, her world atilt, and bent to retrieve his cap.

He took it from her grasp and balled it into his own fist. Then he picked up her hand with his free one, and lifted her wrist for his caress.

She closed her eyes, marveled that such a minute touch at her pulse held enough force to set her senses on fire.

But she didn’t have time for all that in her life.

She pulled out of his arms. “Thanks for taking me to see Ken today. I need to get inside, and ready for tomorrow.”

His arms dropped to his sides, and he swayed a bit. So he felt shaken as well. “Dream of me tonight, Dahlia. And trust. Ken will be safe. The Lord will work out all the details.”

“There you go again. I’m used to working out my own details.”

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A Nebraska country girl, LoRee Peery attempts to see God’s presence every day. Often that gift comes from nature, and she is most relaxed in the outdoors. The call of a cardinal draws her to look for the distinctive flash of crimson. A meadowlark’s melody always transports her to the farm where she grew up. A rainbow holds special significance, since one appeared the day of her father’s funeral and means the promise of the Lord’s presence in her life. She clings to I John 5:4 and prays her family sees that faith. Frivolities Series available from White Rose Publishing, an imprint of Pelican Book Group.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Mistletoe Magic

Misty Winslow is determined to find her prince charming. She meets the man of her dreams through an internet dating service. Or is he? Because the new dentist in town sets her heart a flutter. It's love at first sight for Tyler Davenport, but before he can finish his first root canal Misty is involved in an exclusive online romance with Wes99. Tyler begins to get jealous of Wes99, his online persona! Soon he's pulling out all the stops to woo Misty. As Christmas approaches Wes99 and Tyler both ask her to meet them under the mistletoe. Which man will she choose?

Terri Denise Weldon claims her regular life is really pretty mundane. She refrains from saying dull! Terri shares a home with her sister, Cynthia, in Oklahoma. They’re the best of friends and enjoy many of the same things. She has three dogs – a lovable mutt and two adorable Westies.  Terri enjoys gardening, shopping for shoes (a habit she needs to break), and working in her church library.
Mistletoe Magic is her debut novella and she is currently writing a suspense series.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Cowboy Christmas / Lea's Gift

(A Heart's Haven Christmas story)

Layne Mabrey is on the run. Determined to hide their Down Syndrome daughter from the world, her ex-husband wants to have six-year-old Chloe institutionalized, but Layne will go to any lengths to keep her child. Dex Beckett falls immediately in love with both Layne and Chloe, but Layne can't afford to get close to anyone--not even the shy, gentle cowboy next door. She and Chloe have to be ready to run at any moment.Concerned that Chloe's sudden creation of an imaginary friend could be used to substantiate her father's claims, Layne is shocked when Dex offers an unbelievable opinion about the child's invisible visitor. But there's more to Heart's Haven than meets the eye. Is it possible a Christmas miracle awaits Layne and Chloe on the Heart's Haven Angel Tree?

Layne reached down to reassure her and stiffened. With Chloe’s face no longer hidden, the man would get a good look at her little girl. She braced herself for the reaction that always came when people saw her daughter’s round face and slightly upturned eyes. Usually they became speechless because they didn’t know how to treat a child with Down Syndrome, or they forgot their manners and stared. Layne’s instincts switched into full mama-lion mode, prepared for either response from the long-legged stranger.

Instead, he dropped to a crouch and tipped his large cowboy hat back, giving Chloe a clear view of his face. He waited silently until she peeked at him again. Then he turned one boot to the side so she could see the spur.

“Look here, little one.” His voice had a pleasant timbre, deep and smooth. “It’s not my shoes makin’ that jingle bell sound. It’s this silver thing.” He smiled, and Layne caught her breath at its sweetness. “See? It’s called a spur. You wear ‘em when you ride horses. But I never let mine hurt the animals.” He tilted his head and drew his brows together. “Do you like horses?”

Chloe’s beautiful, blonde, corkscrew ponytail swung rapidly back and forth as she shook her head.

“No?” The man kept his voice low and comforting. “That’s too bad. ‘Cause I happen to know horses love little girls like you.”

Layne’s hackles rose, and she started to ask exactly what he meant by ‘little girls like her,’ but Chloe spoke first, with her slight lisp. “How do you know they like little girls?”

Once again, Layne was shocked into silence. Her daughter never talked to strangers, especially men.

The cowboy’s brilliant white smile stood out on his tanned face. “Why, ‘cause they told me so.”

Chloe’s mouth opened and she shook her head. “Horses don’t talk.” She raised her head to look at Layne. “Do they, Mommy?”

Layne would have had to be deaf not to hear the almost wishful tone in Chloe’s voice. How was she going to explain this one?

But the cowboy saved the day. “‘Course they don’t talk,” he said in the same mellow tone. “They show us what they’re thinkin’, though. When they’re scared, they roll their eyes up so you can see the whites, and sometimes their sides shiver. When they’re happy, they nicker and push you with their noses, kinda like a kiss. And when a little girl gets on a horse’s back, that horse will trot real soft and easy so she won’t be scared.” He grinned and winked at Chloe.

“Every time.”

(This one is a Solomon's Gate Christmas story)

At twenty-one, Lea Dale is well-adjusted and happy, despite the facial scars she's carried since infancy. She has friends in the highest of places, possesses colorful vision (since for some reason she can see auras around folks), and her family and friends adore her. Corrective surgery is a possibility, but not one Lea has felt the need to consider…until wealthy investor Laren Meadows walks into her life and turns it upside down.

Suddenly, Lea is painfully conscious of her lack of perfection, given Laren's flawless looks and ultra-charming personality. What a blessing that he's attracted to her despite her scars—and even her special angel seems to approve of the match.

Then a secret from Laren's past threatens to destroy any hope of a future for the two of them. Now there's only one way for Lea to know if Laren's love is true, but taking that action could mark the end of their relationship.

Can love survive such a tangled mess of physical and emotional scars?


I rested my head on the back of Molly’s chair and closed my eyes. The non-stop blur of the morning, after my late night, was starting to make itself felt. Did I doze off, or just take a little mental vacation? Heaven only knows, but either way, I nearly flew right out of my skin when Dad’s visitor spoke softly into the silence.
“I hope I’m not interrupting your beauty sleep.”

“Oh!” I sat up so fast I had to brace my hand on the desk to keep from catapulting right over the top and into a broad chest that strained against the soft fabric of a dark blue button-up shirt. Mortified to have been caught off guard, I moved my gaze slowly upward, past a neatly knotted ivory tone-on-tone tie and over the slight cleft in a strong chin. I noted a pair of full lips curved into an appealing grin, swallowed hard and took in a straight, aquiline nose. By the time my searching gaze reached a pair of eyes bluer than any sky I’d ever seen in my admittedly short life, I was already head over heels in love with Laren Meadows.

My hand jerked upward to cover my left cheek. To hide the scars. Because the man standing in front of me personified “perfect,” and—for the first time in my life—I felt my own lack of it.

Solomon had said my life would change, starting today, and every nerve in my body told me he’d been right, as always. But he’d sure messed up part of his message. Because this was not a blessing. It was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me.

Lea Dale. Daddy’s little princess of propriety, who insisted everything be done in an orderly fashion. The girl who had a place for everything, and kept everything in its place…who’d always followed every rule, never caused problems, never stepped outside her own perfectly drawn lines.

That girl had fallen heart over head over heels in love. At first sight.

My heart thudded like a heavy stone against my rib cage. I opened my mouth, desperate to reclaim some semblance of normality and extend a proper greeting.

But then I realized that oh-so-perfect blue gaze had gone wide and was fixed on my face. My left cheek, to be precise. I spread my fingers, desperately wishing for bigger hands, and trying hard not to burst into tears.

Combined bio:

Tanya Stowe is an author of Christian Fiction with an unexpected edge. She fills her stories with the unusual…gifts of the spirit and miracles, mysteries and exotic travel, even an angel or two. No matter where Tanya takes you…on a journey through time from the Old West to contemporary adventures in foreign lands…be prepared for the extraordinary.

Writing Heaven’s touch into earthly tales, Delia Latham puts her characters through the fire of earthly trials to bring them out victorious by the hand of God, His heavenly messengers, and good, old-fashioned love. You’ll always find a touch of the divine in this author’s sweet tales of romance.

Delia Latham (a word crafter) and Tanya Stowe (a story teller) combine their special gifts to create heartwarming Christian romance chock-full of inspiration, emotional challenges, thought-provoking dilemmas, happy-ever-after romance—and the brush of angels’ wings!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Dog Tags by Heidi Glick


When disabled ex-Marine Mark Graham reconnects with his best friend’s sister, he finds himself falling in love. But Beth Martindale’s presence is a constant reminder of events he’d rather forget. Mark wants to move forward, but the secrets surrounding her brother’s death as well as his own confinement to a wheelchair threaten to tear them apart. When a psychopath who calls himself The Knight fixates on Beth, Mark is determined to give her the protection he failed to give her brother on the battlefield, yet he discovers that a wheelchair isn’t the only impediment he has to keeping Beth safe. Will terror win or can Mark find the strength of mind and body to rescue Beth and find his own redemption?

Excerpt 1

The Knight’s mind clouded over, like fog settling over the local San Diego metro area. One thing was clear as he sat in his white, sparsely furnished living room: his goal. He must continue his quest to help damsels in distress, ones like Juanita. He hoped she’d listen to him, that she’d understand he only tried to protect her, that she’d appreciate his chivalry. But as he’d learned from experience, the women he chose to rescue might not always be cooperative. Being a knight in shining armor did not always prove an easy task.

The finger in the jar atop the entertainment center served as a reminder: death was far kinder than the fate Juanita could have suffered at the hands of that other man. No matter what society thought, the Knight had done the right thing.

Excerpt 2

He grabbed the notebook and took his time removing a page. The paper tore in one spot. A string of curses spewed from his lips, and he folded the first two sheets of paper. He couldn’t crumple them. The Knight stared at his clenched fists then took a deep breath. His hands trembled as he separated a perforated page from the notebook.

He took a moment to relight the candles surrounding his shrine to Beth. Gaining inspiration, he admired her photo. A chill ran over him. What if Beth refused his help?

He stared in the direction of his gun safe. Be a shame to waste such a beautiful life. Besides, Plot Fifty was taken.

To be fair, the Knight would warn Beth about possible repercussions of refusing his assistance. If she was smarter than Juanita, she’d take the hint. Sweat trickled down his face. He steadied his hand enough to compose the letter. Anticipation flooding over him, he could hardly wait to leave Beth her next surprise

Heidi Glick has a B.A. in biology, a minor in Bible from Cedarville University, and a passion for writing Christian fiction. Additionally, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and has written two articles for Intercom. Heidi’s debut suspense novel, Dog Tags, was released in June 2013. When not working, Heidi spends time with her husband, son, and two dogs, Cocoa and Sparky. Heidi attends Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio.

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Fairytale of Headley Cross

Christmas is a busy time in the church calendar, and Pastor Carson Armitage still trying to find his feet in his first job as an ordained minister. When he decides to organize a nativity for Christmas Eve, he employs the help of Maggie Turner, Sunday school teacher extraordinaire. She’s dedicated, smart and beautifu; and Carson finds himself falling for her. But when his past comes back to haunt him in a big way, Christmas may not be so merry.

Can the past be laid to rest? Or is happily ever after only a fairytale? 


Carson headed across the hall to the lady that Trudi had pointed out. Too late he realized he didn’t know if she were a Miss or a Mrs. And after last time, he wasn’t going to call anyone Ms. Well, whatever her title, she was a stunning woman. Perhaps she was a little on the willowy side, but with curves in all the right places.

She looked familiar. He’d seen her before. Well, obviously. In church on a Sunday he chided himself.
Carson sneaked a look at her left hand as she draped her coat over the back of a chair. “Miss Turner?”

She turned and looked at him. “Yes?”

He held out a hand, her voice familiar, but he was sure he hadn’t spoken to her before today. “I’m Carson Armitage. I understand you organize and teach the Sunday School classes for the children.”

Her eyes flickered for a moment. He could almost see her mind whirling as if trying to place him. Just like the way his mind was trying to work out where he’d seen and heard her before. And it wasn’t from church either. It was somewhere else.

“Yes, I do. It means missing the service each Sunday morning, but I try to make the evening ones.”

“That’s good to hear.” He paused. “This is going to sound really corny, but have we met?”

“You have a dog,” she said absently. “I’ve seen you in the park. You’re Mr. Border Collie.”

Of course. The blonde woman who was so upset earlier that afternoon. “Miss Sheltie. But it’s more than that. I’m sure I’ve heard your voice before. Have we spoken on the phone or something like that?”
His voice died in his throat. That was it.

Color flooded her face. Had she made the connection at the same instant he had? “Oh, no. Please tell me I didn’t ring you this afternoon by mistake.”

“I wish I could, but, yes, I’m afraid you rang the church office and I answered the phone.”