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Monday, 14 May 2012

Be in the novel

Ever wanted to be in a novel? Now's your chance.

I have two characters up for grabs in Sunday's Child. One male and one female.

The heroine's aunt. Hattie goes to stay with her. The aunt is in and out of most of the book. She runs a charity lifeboat shop on the quayside.

And the hero's brother. He doesn't have an occupation yet. So I'm open to suggestions.

The hero and heroine both meet on holiday. To be in with a chance of winning, just comment with your fave holiday memory. Either comment here or on facebook or twitter as this posts automatically to both places. I'll pick two winners at random in a couple of weeks.


Jessiicaaa..xo said...

My favourite holiday was when i was i went to scotland. I was about 2 and i went over to see the goats and they kept headbutting eachother it was funny. Also when we was in scotland i used to love climbing up a tree house and going down the slide, but once i got stuck up there and i started crying! so my parents had to climb up and rescue me!

LoRee Peery said...

I'd love to be the aunt! My favorite holiday memory is when I had measles and stayed with a neighbor girl so my younger siblings wouldn't get sick. My dad walked through the snow to deliver my gifts and my friend's dad said Santa had dropped them off via helicopter (no chimney in the house).

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Clare, I think Tanya is a weird name LOL but...Elaine was my favorite aunt, so that could work.

As for the boy: how about Carter...a professional cyclist LOL.

I have too many favorite holidays to pick one. Two have got to be my times in London. I also loved taking a wagon train trip Old West style around the Tetons in Wyoming.


Clare Revell said...

Lovely memory Jessiicaaa. Bet your parents had fun climbing up to rescue you :)

LoRee that sounds wonderful, though it must have been hard being away from your family.

I love London too, Tanya. Though we live close to it, its fun going up and being a tourist sometimes.

jimlwright said...

I majored in History, with a concentration in Ancient Near Eastern History at university. As a result of that, my favorite holiday was my first trip to Egypt. About a thousand years ago, when I was a wee lad, my grandmother taught me about Egypt as the place of bondage and the home of Moses who led the slaves to freedom. As she described Egypt, the pharoahs, pyramids and the Nile, the seed was planted. I couldn't imagine that my feet were actually touching the ground where Moses, Joseph, Rameses and all that mob had walked, talked, lived, and died. I'm still in thrall now, every day because I now live in the Holy Land. Just breathing the air transports me hundreds and even thousands of years back in time!

Sidney W. Frost said...

My favorite holiday memory is traveling the 50 miles to my grandfather's home every Christmas. When I was old enough to understand it all, I marveled at how my parents hid our gifts in the trunk of the car without us discovering them.