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Sunday, 19 February 2012

review: Faith in the shadows by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

by Sadie & Sophie Cuffe

The purple splotched birthmark on her cheek brands Alice Wainwright a spinster. When a gentleman courts her, she jumps into a loveless engagement to Joshua, a braggart in desperate need of cash.
His groom, Hawk, knows Joshua's dirty secrets but, as a blind Civil War veteran, he has few choices. His employer's threats make it clear he'll be on the street if he breathes a word of the truth to Alice.
When Joshua bullies Alice at their engagement party, Hawk steps out of the dark and becomes her champion. Torn between honor and need, Hawk comes to work for the Wainwright family.
Alice and Hawk share the same vulnerability and pride. When friendship quickly turns to love, each is blinded by a dark secret.
Joshua's interference plays on their insecurities and threatens their future together. Can they face the truth about themselves and each other before they're torn apart?

My review:
What I loved most about this book is never knowing which way the way the story will go next. Each of the characters leaps from the page with a life of their own. Alice and Hawk seem so right for each other, but just as things start to go right, something happens to prevent their fledgling love from taking flight. If you like historical novels, this one won't disappoint.

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Sadie and Sophie said...

Thanks for your kind words about FAITH IN THE SHADOWS, Clare. It's always a privilege to be reviewed by you! S&S