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Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year / Tuesday's Child

Well 2012 is officially here and I've had this cough all year. Ha ha. Actually the whole of yesterday was spent making really awful jokes.
"Mum I'm starving. Haven't eaten all year."
"Can I have a drink? Haven't drunk anything all year."

Writing wise. I've so many WIP's on the go right now, it's lucky I'm able to keep them straight. Think that comes from being able to read six books at once and not get confuzzled. There's the firefighter one - almost finished. The paranormal one - on a go slow. And a Christmas one. Yes I know, but the deadline for that is April, so needs doing.

I also filled in the manuscript info sheet for Tuesday's Child.
Preliminary blurb (cos we all know how rubbish I am at them lol)

Deaf from the age of five, Adeline Munroe now runs the local dolls hospital with her best friend Jasmine and constant companion, hearing dog, Ben. Haunted by visions, she 'sees' each murder either as or just before they happen.
Detective Sergeant Nate Holmes is investigating the herbalist serial killings. Things are complicated when he falls for one of the witnesses. As more women die, and Adeline becomes the prime target, is time running out for them both?

Honestly i find it amazing that I can write a 40-60k novel easily. Asked to summarize it in 700 words...just about. In 150 words - no way. And in a 60 word or one sentece tag line-- ummm nope.

My cast list for Tuesday's Child.
Jamie Bamber as Detective Sgt Nate Holmes. Trying to raise his orphaned niece and hold down a full time job in CID. He's investigating a spate of murders and when a psychic witness comes forward he's skeptical, but his faith keeps him open to other options.

Deanne Bray as Adeline Munroe. The deaf owner of the dolls hospital. Witness and the one person who can identify the serial killer.

Ben, her hearing dog, is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel. In not just for the cute factor - no kids we're not having a dog. Don't care how cute he is - but because dogs like him do a really important job.

OK so maybe i'm type casting, but at least I didn't use Yannick Bisson as the cop :P
Oh and in case you were wondering - yes. Nate's partner is played by Bradley Walsh. Guess I watch too many cop shows in my spare time.

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