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Clare writes inspirational romance, usually of a suspenseful nature. Her books are available through her publisher Pelican Book Group and Amazon. She is married with three kids and lives in the UK. She loves watching sci-fi, crime drama, cross stitching, reading and baking.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

another call for advent posts


No one signed up on here so I am guessing either you're all on holiday or don't want to think Christmas yet. I really need to know how many posts of my own i have to write. If all you want to do is advertise a Christmas themed book coming out in Dec, that's fine :) Just needs to be G rated.
Right now I'm doing 14 posts.


Laura Briggs said...

Hey Clare,

I'd like to do a post--either a story or an ad for my up-coming White Rose Christmas book. This is such a neat idea, by the way:)

Clare Revell said...

Sure Laura, that would be great. I'll pencil you in for the 10th Dec

Laura Briggs said...

Sounds good--I'll put it on my writing calendar :)