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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Our very own little house on the prairie

When we were kids, aside from hidng behind the sofa on Sat nights while Dr. Who was on, we grew up watching The Waltons and Little house on the prairie. On holiday when we all went to bed at the same time we'd yell goodnight to each other in true Walton style, say grace holding hands and so on.

But when we first moved to Reading in 1982 we got our very own Little House on the Prairie.
They were building the houses in order. They'd done 1 and had started 2 and 3 - a semi detached. But we wanted plot 7 by Aug 2nd. So the builders started that one. And this is it. We stood on the foundations of the house in May. (should have asked Dad for a copy of that one too)

This was taken in June. Now there are huge fields out the back and massive trees. (Might have to get a photo of that and add it too) Houses to each side and in front. And the parking... HAH don't get me started on the parking.

I would personally Love to drive a fire engine down there some days. Cars parked both sides of the road, people pulling out without indicating or looking. But it was home for 10 yrs and 1 month before I married. This Aug my parents will have been there for 29yrs.

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