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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Multi tasking

So the Cassie rewrite is finished and sent back. 8500 words longer. Funny how that works out each time. For those who were wondering... This is Pastor Jack. I had fun going through google finding a pic of him with auburn ish hair. Finally did though. See way more hair than... Stops before she gets into heap big trouble.

Joni is almost done. One more section to come back from my CP then I can submit that one for the Christmas submissions.

Then I can go back to John/Jo and the never ending series lol. I'm also reading a lot and thinking about sewing and working and all sorts of exciting things. Still haven't got dreamweaver working and having read the reviews of the latest version and windows 7 64 bit i'm not paying £400 for something that crashes constantly. Same goes for photoshop. Might try loading it on the laptop, and seeing it it runs on that - that being vista 32 bit we'll have to see.

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