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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

new comp

well i have a new comp. with 2 GB ram and 1 TB of HD space. its windows 7 and at times really irritating--esp when the keyboard misses letters i know i hit. the default browser is Google chrome. Which underlines in red every single word it doesn't like!

IE ether won't work or won't remember any passwords or keep me logged in. So i guess i put up with the red lines.

only other thing i don't like it the icons in the task bar. I liked my named windows. Not one generic icon for word, or the IM and piled on top of each other if i have multiple windows open.

there must be a fix for that but i'm blowed if i can find it. Still looking for the single click and snap to options. And the delete browsing history button on Google chrome.

on the plus side...the comp set itself up. Ok i had to plug it in and switch it on :P, but it did the rest itself. I just had to give it a name and tell it what language i wanted to use.

one spooky thing... the desktop changes itself every 6 hours. I went to bed and it was Stonehenge. I woke and there was a lovely Tower Bridge there. Then lunchtime all of a sudden it became a cartoon mess. Hmm. roll on 6pm

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