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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Second draft done

The second draft of Liam and Jacqui who take time off from playing pooh sticks long enough to foil a coup in Africa is done. Draft three has begun. Still don't have a proper title as you can see.

However this does produce a very pretty m/s. It's orig in black. (w/c was about 24k) The second additions go in in red. Mainly so I know where I am each day without having to have umpteen bits of paper with page numbers on all over the desk. (w/c was roughly 42, 900) Draft 3 is blue. Who knows what the word count will be. Esp as in the first 9 pages i've added 130 words. Of course some have been chopped out, but anyway...

But... worryingly I now have plots floating around in my head for at least two of Liam's many family members. Which was originally 7. Then became 5. Now has gone back to 7. But the names are Gaelic and so pretty...blame the baby naming website I use... and at least one of them needs a story.

Just so happens I have a plan for Nate--he's a secondary character from a short story entitled Saving Christmas. And Nate is going to fall heavily for one of Liam's 6 sisters. Not sure which one, but I know what she looks like and know she's deaf.

Writing a deaf character will be as much of a challenge as writing Dawn was after she lost her sight. That will most likely be my nano novel this year :) Assuming I can stop myself from starting it before then.

And it also has a title. Yeah, I know. A first for me. Usually the title is the last thing.

And speaking of saving Christmas... no sooner than I mention it than an email regarding it arrives. Not saying anymore...don't want to jinx anything.

Anyway off to do dinner and pull up a few files.

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