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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lasagne recipie

In honour of oldest son's 16th bday, I bring you one of his fave dinners - home made lasagne. Spelt the English way lol. Really need to get my charries to eat something different cos it doesn't look right ending in an A but oh well. So onto the recipe. Prep time about 25 mins. Cooking time 90mins.

Meat Sauce
pkt mince
tin chopped tomatoes or dollop of tomato puree
2 oxos/stock cubes
mixed herbs

lasagne sheets - don't need pre soaking with this recipe

Cheese sauce
1½ oz cornflour (three tablespoons)
1½ pt milk
as much cheese as you like :)

fry mince til brown
add tomatoes, oxos, mixed herbs and stir.
add boiling water, enough to cover meat and cook til all water is absorbed.

make white sauce with just cornflour and milk. Trust me it works.
put cornflour in saucepan and add milk. Stir over heat until sauce boils. Add salt and pepper and

Put a spoonful of sauce on bottom of dish. Layer it up
lasagne sheets
half meat
third sauce
lasagne sheets
remaining meat
half remaining sauce
lasagne sheets
rest of sauce

cook on gas mark 5 or 190C for an hour and 15 mins

i sometimes add carrots and sweetcorn to the meat mix

basic meat mix also does shepherds pie and spag bol ;-)

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