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Saturday, 18 September 2010

I blame the muse...

I think I mentioned that the Liam/Jacqui story had spawned a poss series of sequals...

Well... I now have eight blurbs for the eight stories..

Each charries has a name and a job and each story is a current WIP that has been sat on my comp in vairous stages of being written...some for years.

This gets them finished and done. And yes I'll probably mention them to my editor at some point, but hey if none of them sell, at least they'll be finished.

And when I say sequal I mean only that all the m/c's are related. Each will stand alone and may or may not feature any of the others.

And the storm surge one is based on this - teh pic was taken in Nov 2009 in Cornwall during a really bad storm. Impressive huh? That story incidently is finished :)

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The Paper Doll said...

Wow--I love that pic! Sounds like you are getting some serious writing done. I can usually only handle 2 WIPs at a time. But,of course, I always have lots of ideas floating around in my head waiting to be written. Maybe some day I'll get around to them all.