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Monday, 12 July 2010


What a week. the washing machine died on Monday. The comp died on Thursday - well word did. Just packed up and stopped working. quick nervous breakdown on my part - but the White Roses stepped into the brink as always :) - and hubby came to the rescue with word 2003 which is now on the comp. Friday the external hard drive i had for my bday died too. Piece of junk - its never really worked but we tried it on my pc, laptop and hubby's pc - only plug it in and ALL THREE COMPS promptly managed to lose the my computer files!

Then on Sat I had an email from my editor re after the fire. An I like it and it has potental, but not yet. So am doing the rewirtes she asked for and we'll see. But she did a full edit on it before sending it back, not just an email suggesting changes. But i do love this story -- even if the heroine is soooooo strong the hero appears a wimp. lol. so Freddie is gonna have to put up with him opening doors and doing the heavy lifting. She won't like it but tough. She's had 15yrs of going it alone and old habits die hard. But die they will. She's been told.

Other than that, oh it rained today! We had no rain for the past 8 weeks or so. Yes, England with no rain! :O I actually got so wet i had to change my clothes when i got in from work this morning. Not complaining, I like the rain. Sometimes lol.

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