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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The muse strikes again

After the fire has gone back to Nicola. Won't hear about that for a while. I like this version, but then I like everything I write lol. Well, thats not totally true. Some of it does suck rather.

Rescue Dawn is finished and sat in the do not touch folder for three weeks until I go back to look at it again. That way I'm not wrapped up in it and look at it with fresh eyes.

But... with Jem deciding he wants to be the 8th earl...he also decided he had a portrait of Seb and Joni. they come from my hisotrical novel. Which is now demanding a rewrite in the hope I can sell both together lol. And yes there is head hopping in it. Quite how I missed that I dunno. So I borrowed my youngests colouring pens and did lines down the entire m/s which got printed off months ago. So everything marked red is now Joni and everything blue is Seb and never the twain shall mix.

This is a total rewrite, not simply a cut and paste job from the orig doc. Which of course I have in front of me, but not all of it is making the cut.

So that's times arrow. Then there's wildfire, sword and shield. Too many stories and so little time. And way too much disney channel in the background.

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