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Friday, 12 March 2010

titles are irrelevant, so are lightbulbs

So how many borg does it take to replace a lightbulb?
Replacement is futile
Darkness is irrelevant
Prepare to be assimilated.

On a different note - I have great problems inserting photos. I read a blog on here the other day, one by Robert Leeshock actually, that had photos scattered all across it, but can I work out how to do that? Uh, no. I had to cheat here and place the pic then press enter several times so I could write above it. Whether it will work is another matter.

Anyway - meet Yannick Bisson. He's in Sue Thomas FB Eye and the Murdoch Mysteries, both of which are airing here atm. He's the hero of the latest novel. A short - well by my standards - for one of the prompts on the White Rose Blog. Course whether it gets published or even submitted is neither here nor there.

Right now hero doesn't have a name, actually hasn't even said anything, tho he did walk into the heroine and vanish without apologising. And all I know about the heroine is that she has a name and a dog. Which admittedly isn't a lot, but its something. Oh and I have the prompt which is:
“Dead guys don’t usually show up for breakfast,” she said, staring at the very-much-alive man who stood in front of the pastry counter.
So this hero will be dead at some point. Haha.
And I really should have picked a name for the heroine that I can spell.
Well this isn't helping. The kids will be in soon, poor hubby is upstairs dying... don't laugh, ManFlu is potentially fatal! Or so he reliably assures me.
Daughter number one is alternating texting me and him asking the same question - and getting the same answer from us both. Such a hard life. She's forgotten what grounded means. sometimes you think it'd be worth saying yes for some peace, but do I want her brought back by the boys in blue again? uh, no. (long story, not going into it here. )

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