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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

look a post

The view from the bedroom window. I do so love sunsets.

Still here and still writing. I'm on the 4th draft of Freddie now and wondering if I should change the title to something else. Like After the Fire or A still small voice. I'm leaning towards the later, but I don't know.

I'm struggling with the synopsis. They only want a 700 word one, but want a blurb and tagline with it. :O I can't write blurbs and honestly had to look tagline up in the dictionary and really am none the wiser.

In other news:

Mum and Dad are back from Auz and complaining its cold here. Well yeah, tis still winter in the UK. Theoretically its spring, but its very chilly when leaving the house at 7am to walk to work to cope with 16-18 4-11yr olds before school starts. Today was manic. Fun but manic.

Sat here now with Freddie open to edit, a tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream and Earth Final Conflict on the music player. I would normally watch Sue Thomas FB Eye right now, but managed to see it at lunch time, so EFC it is.

Tis mothers day here this weekend and I'm being spoiled with a box set of EFC season 4 which has Finally made it to region 2.

Although rumour has it that Liam gets killed off in this season. I hope not. Will be watching with a huge box of tissues just in case and may not surface again for days if its true. I've avoided reading the epi guides on line as i prefer to watch them rather than read about them - if that makes sense.

What i really want to know, however, is how do cables manage to tangle themselves up? I fold my laptop cable. I slid it into the case. Get it out again the following day and its totally knotted. Is there a pixie that goes around tangling cables? Is it related to the pixie that eats socks when you wash them so you only end up with odd ones?

hmmm ice cream with a wooden spatula??? uh noooooo. It should be a plastic one. Going to find a spoon and then go back to my editing.

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