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Thursday, 18 February 2010

long time no blog

Guess I suck at this blogging thing like I do at synopsisisisisisisis's. Been busy writing. Written 32k in the last couple weeks. chapters 1-10 done. Chapter 12 is 2/3 done.

And chap 11... umm lets just say JoAnn found a plot hole lol. I beat the hero up. well not me personally but the villian did, and yet 8 hrs later said hero was sailing a boat with bruised ribs and strained muscles and a black eye. so I finishing chap 12 then doing 11 to fill in said plot hole.

This one has the working title of Freddie.

Starring: -

Tom Ward - silent witness - as Jason Bryant
Polly Shannon - EFC - as Freddie Flynn

They are both PI's. Jason is the VP. Freddie really doesn't wanna work with him cos they have history. Big black history...

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