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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Long time no post

Its July already. Where's the year gone? It's been pretty busy here. And hot. Though Steph disagrees as its hotter in the Middle East evidently. But she has air con on the base. We don't.

Its been up in the low 30C's - that's the 90F's - little if no wind, no cloud and the humidity - ugh. Over 70% on a good day.

Add to this a daughter who dislocated her kneecap and is in a cast from top of her thigh to her ankle, a muse who's packed up and gone some place cooler and the fact school doesn't get out for another 3 weeks...

Rhys wants school to close cos its tooooooooo hot. His reasoning being it its too cold they close the school, so they should if its too hot as well.

We went to my sisters on Sat, sat in the garden, got very sunburnt, watched the Hercules coming in to Lyneham.

Am watching the men's tennis. I refuse to watch the women play cos they scream too much. If I can play tennis without doing that so can they.

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

Great to see you again! Love the post. I hate to watch a sport where the players scream for no good reason other than to make noise.

Just remember: soon it will be cooler. I promise!

: )