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Saturday, 23 May 2009

yay its half term

Which means no work for a week. Unnfortunaely this means schools out so i have 3 kids and hubby under foot. Oh well. Guess I spend the week plugged into my mp3 player and hiding from hannah montana, zach and cody and lizzie maguire.

on the writing front, wrote 2533 on HC yesterday. I have the whole thing planned with one excpeption. How to get rid of the bad guy. Feed him to the fishes in the local pond maybe? So far this morning am 730 words into chapter 2. going to aim at a chpater a day, more would be good but i not pushing it as i also wanted to work on S and S which is thinking abotu changing its name to FR lol. We'll see.

Did you guys know that live long and prosper is actually Deut 5v33?

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Ashley Ladd said...

What is "Deut 5v33"? Deuteronomy as in the Bible? Star Trek bases a lot of their terms on the Bible and Roman mythology. I always thought that was neat.

I don't know how old your kids are - probably younger than mine. My youngest is 14 and the second youngest is 18 but they still have loud arguements (I think louder as they get older) and still need me to take them to their many activities. I used to escape to Borders with my trusty MP3 player to write. Unfortunately, my local Borders closed Saturday and my local Barnes and Nobles isn't writer friendly and my local library closes at 8 pm and I don't get home from the day job till 6 pm or after most days. I have to find another quiet place to write.

Good luck with your writing. It sounds as if you're getting awesome word count. Keep it up.