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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Its finished

What plays in Vegas is finished. Yay. Total of 49,785 words. Not bad for a first draft. Now to put it aside for a couple weeks and work on my query for Dark Orchid. Maybe...

Thing is I had this idea... the stranger with her face.

Maybe I can do both. Read DO and summarize it a little tonight, while kids around then work on new one while they at schoool tomorrow.

:O Just worked out I wrote 3860 words today!!!


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Great job! Good for you. I can't seem to get back into my vampire novella right now. Argh!

Now you deserve a treat - I usually go for ice cream (mint chocolate chip, or ginger cookies).



Ashley Ladd said...

Way to go. My computer was down for awhile and I should've been writing by hand to speed things up. Instead I let it depress me and now I'm way behind in my writing.

I love Wendi's idea of mint chocolate chip ice cream - that and rainbow sherbet are my faves. Now I'm craving it. Oi!