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Friday, 8 May 2009


Is so having one of those days its just not true. Trying to cook dinner and run out of pasta, cornflour, milk, oxos... so quite what this will taste like is anyones guess.

i forgot to note my word count before i started writing. so no idea how much i have done today.

C rang me 3 times at work to ask where her trousers werehow do i know???? i empited the laundry basket yesterday. this morning it was 3/4 full, how do they do it? Not my fault if she decides BOTH pairs need washing on a Thurs night.

i got a headache i can't get rid off too and hubby won't be home for hours. mind you, the day was screwed when i got up at 4am... no take that back. it was screwed last night. hubby got in about 730pm and vanishes upstairs. i go up there to sit with him and he promptly goes out again.

Really am not wanted round here. Gonna go join a convent and become a nun


Ashley Ladd said...


My hubby works two jobs and so he's gone a lot, too. Tonight he came home long enough inbetween the day and night jobs to change clothes and run out again. If we didn't have cell phones we'd forget who each other are.

But we have to pay the bills so neither of us can afford to give up our extra jobs. Oh well...

Wendi Zwaduk said...

I know the feeling. I'm trying to work with a cold. Thank god for washing machines and OJ.

Hubby won't buy more than four pairs of khakis and then can't understand why he doesn't have enough for a five day work week.

Keep the chin up and kow I'm still a reader!

Clare Revell said...

Yeah, if it weren't for the washing machine... don't know how mum coped with four of us and a twin tub. At least I can leave the washing while its doing.

Hubby has to commute atm (a 160 mile journey a day) having been made redundant twice in a year. He hates it. He's so tired all the time but its a job and we need the money to pay the mortage etc.