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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Guest Blogger Dates

Rhonda Parrish will be here Mon 20 and Tues 21 April. Monday will be a review of her novel and an interview. Tues I will hand the blog over to her to write what she likes.

On the home front we've had 2 storms in 2 days. Oh how we love running round the house at 1am unplugging modems, phone lines, comps and tv's when the storm goes from a mile away to over head with no warning.

i've written so much the last few days. I'm averaging 10 pages a day somehow. Course when it comes to writo de mayo next month, Cade the muse will prob pack his bags and head for the hills lol. Not that I write anything between 6 and 8 in the evenings. Can't think why. Probably something to do with a certain actor on a certain tv show. :)

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