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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Procrastinating again

Yes i should be writing but the muse has up and left. Think its currently in a desert in the middle east somewhere with S. Probably won't come home til she does. 5 mths and counting. FFIM just isn't the same somehow.

in other news hubby starts his new job in 3 weeks. And then i become a commuting widow again. So not looking forward to that but nothing i can do. He needs a job and there just aren't any scientific ones round here.

So i'm trying to change J's school to the one i work in so she can come in with me at 7am, otherwise i have to quit work or she's late for school every day else there's no one in the house.

Yes i know R and C are here but at 14 and 13 they can deal with themselves and not a 9yr old. Dunno i trust them tbh to deal with themselves but what can i do?

not much else has happened.

the novel is still going back and forth. least they havent' said no yet. It's currently with my crit partner. once i get it back i can go thru it then sent it back to my editor.

maybe one day....

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