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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Redemption’s Whisper by Kathleen Friesen

Desperate to escape her past, Hayley Blankenship flies from Toronto to the Saskatoon home of Pastor Dave and Lydia Harris, the only people who may be able to help her. If she doesn’t find a reason to hope, she may give in to the temptation to end it all. If only someone could love her, in spite of what she’s done.
Trevor Hiebert aces the interview for his dream job in Toronto, but he’s torn. His beloved parents need him, and while he doesn’t want to let them down, he craves the affirmation he hopes to find in the big city. But on the flight home to Saskatoon, he meets an intriguing, gorgeous redhead with dark secrets of her own. 
Can these two troubled souls gain the peace they need—and in the process, find love?

Haley and Trevor's story is a well written, thought provoking tale of forgiveness and hope. Not easy to put down, the 3D characters, with genuine flaws, have the reading rooting for them. Nice to see recurring characters from Nila's Hope pop in and out. 
(I received a copy from the publisher. Review is my own and in no way related to the free book)

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