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Friday, 13 July 2012

77,7,7 take 3

So as I'm doing the final set of edits on Thursday's Child...  any one want a sneaky look at page 77? Yep, thought you might.

hot off the press blurb:

Thursday's Child chases the whole...

Broken...with bits missing. That's how Niamh, senior prosecutor for the CPS, feels when she wakes in hospital severely injured with no knowledge what happened--for the past eight years. A tall man in a firefighters uniform claims he's her husband. While he's everything she's ever dreamed of in a man and more, she doesn't know the him. And if he was so important why can't she remember? Was there something so terrible, so painful in her marriage, her mind has suppressed it?  

First on the scene at a horrific accident, Jared Harkin is devastated to find his wife one of the injured. He's already lost a child, can he live through this? Niamh survives the crash, but awakens with eight years missing and no memories of their life together. Determined to help her remember the past and their love, he sets about wooing her all over again. But are some things best forgotten?

As Niamh struggles to remember, the investigation into the accident reveals foul play. Did her recent caseload have anything to do with the attempt on her life? Or was it someone closer to her?  As bit and pieces of memory return, the attacker strikes again. Can she piece together the whole of her past before it's too late?

and now the page 77, line 7 and following 7 paragraphs.

Her wedding ring hung next to it. At least she was still wearing it. That was some consolation. He’d tucked the engagement ring away in his cufflink box until she wanted it back. If she wanted it back.
As the service finished, Niamh picked up her crutches and turned to him. “It really hasn’t changed much. Aside from the addition of the drums and two new pastors.”
Jared smiled. “Pastor Jack has been here about eight years now. Pastor Bruce about seven and a half. We were married by the previous minister, Steve Austin.”
Niamh giggled. “I remember him. The bionic pastor we used to call him.”
Jared looked at her, barely able to contain his own grin. “Yes, the church as a whole referred to him like that—but never to his face. Although I’m sure he knew. Let me go and catch Daphne, one of the registrars, and see if we can see the marriage register.”
He rose and headed down the aisle, catching Daphne just as she left her seat. He glanced behind to make sure Niamh was following. It wasn’t simply that she thought their marriage was fake; he wanted to show her that they were married in a church. 

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