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Monday, 28 May 2012

New Release. Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee

Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee
Releases on June 5th from Amazon
Author of New York Times Bestseller, Wife by Wednesday presents, Book Two in the Weekday Bride Series

It’s better for both of them to be Married by Monday
Carter Billings:
Sandy blond hair and Hollywood good looks, Carter Billings could have any woman he wants. However, when he makes his bid for the Governor's seat in the state of California, he needs to settle down and become a family man. Eliza, the woman he secretly adores, embodies the perfect amount of spice and passion to suit his marital needs, but she’s not interested in becoming Mrs. Billings. She can't even stand to be in the same room with him.
Eliza Havens:
It’s much easier to drive Carter away than to give into desire. Matching couples is how she earns a living, but getting married isn’t an option. The secrets she carries are too dangerous to entangle anyone else. When her hidden identity and past threaten her future, she’s left with little choice. Carter is quick to offer solutions to both their problems, but saying yes could mean endangering the man she’s growing to love.

He folded his arms over his chest. “I suppose you could say I’m following Blake’s lead. Marriage solves a few fundamental problems in my career path.”
She stared at him full on now, not trying to look away. “Your problems. Not mine.”
“Problems you helped play a role in.” He saw the spark in her eye before she managed her first syllable of defense.
She sat the tea down and placed a hand on the counter. “That’s low, Carter.”
“And true or you’d be the first to tell me I’m wrong. If I had a choice, I’d be married by Monday to help dispel all the media crap created by yours and Gwen’s night on the Texas town. I thought I could come to you and obtain a little bit of cooperation.”
“A little bit of cooperation. Marriage is a tad more than a little bit of anything.” Her voice rose and her knuckles started to grip the counter.
“Yet you earn your living arranging marriages or partnerships on trite reasons less important than mine.” How dare she follow a moral high ground. Maybe she’d forgotten how well versed he was on her and Samantha’s business.
“You forget that our clients have to approve of the relationships we arrange. They have to like the person—”
He laughed, interrupting her. “Do you really want to pretend we aren’t friends to prove your point?”
Her cheeks grew rosy which he had to admit was a much better than the pasty color she’d been sporting when he walked into the house. He felt the fire burning inside her as she shot daggers with her eyes.
“You’re my best friend’s husband’s friend. If you’re looking for a wife you might peek into your little black book, or whatever it is you use, and draw another name.”
Carter let his arms drop and took two steps closer. The angrier she became, the more his blood churned. His body responded to her outrage, but not in anger. “I don’t want to draw another name.”

Heat rating 2
Coming from Ms. Bybee, I knew this was going to be a good story and it doesn’t disappoint. I sat down to read and found myself still reading in the wee small hours, having to force myself to put down my kindle so I could get a couple hours sleep before going to work. The story twists and turns across the pages. Romance mixing with the amazing level of suspense keeps the reader on the edge of their seat the whole time and just when you think you have it sussed…wham, Ms. Bybee gets in another plot twist.
You don’t need to have read book one, although Sam and Blake do make an appearance in this story.
Definitely one to curl up with this summer.

Meet Carter.
I asked Carter to give me three tidbits about himself that aren’t in the book. He said:
1. Had a Pomeranian as a kid named Killer.
2. Enjoys messaging Eliza's feet because of the way she moans when he's doing it.
3. Instead of buying a bone for the current dog in his life, he buys him Prada's. (sounds like a cunning plan to me)

New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee has been addicted to romance since her teens. After spending a decade of her life working as an RN in urban emergency rooms, Catherine is now dedicated to writing happily-ever-afters for the world to love. Catherine is married and raising two sons in Southern California.

She loves hearing from her readers so feel free to visit her at:

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Be in the novel

Ever wanted to be in a novel? Now's your chance.

I have two characters up for grabs in Sunday's Child. One male and one female.

The heroine's aunt. Hattie goes to stay with her. The aunt is in and out of most of the book. She runs a charity lifeboat shop on the quayside.

And the hero's brother. He doesn't have an occupation yet. So I'm open to suggestions.

The hero and heroine both meet on holiday. To be in with a chance of winning, just comment with your fave holiday memory. Either comment here or on facebook or twitter as this posts automatically to both places. I'll pick two winners at random in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New release - Wounded Faith by Mary Manners

Kylie Jordan struggles to piece her damaged life back together following the senseless death of her sister at the hands of a drunk driver. She spearheads a grief support group at New Hope Church to ease the pain, and tends to the roadside cross placed in her sister's memory.
Mason Bennett yearns to make sense of the reckless actions that stole his brother's life, as well as the life of an innocent victim. His pain leads him to New Hope Church--and Kylie Jordan.
Kylie and Mason's lives are woven together by a single, irrevocable moment in time. When the past is revealed, will their faith--and love--sustain them, or will Kylie's fragile trust be forever shattered?

Coming from Mary Manners, this one had to be good and it doesn't disappoint. A short read and a dollar download, it packs a lot of emotional punch into a few pages. Kylie and Mason's story is crafted in a way that leaves the reader both smiling and with tears. Definitely one to read.

Buy link

Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Contract - An Aussie Christmas Angel

Is doing cartwheels. (well very careful ones as I am also very high on pain meds atm. But that's another story)

I've signed a contract for a novella as part of the Pelican Book Group 2012 Christmas Extravaganza. Called An Aussie Christmas Angel it's based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Although those in the know will automatically know who's who. And no one dies. Well I did promise to be as true to life as I could.

Here's the blurb:

On an extended holiday from the UK John Connington finds himself in Sydney with nowhere to stay. Only a telephone number from a friend of someone his sister works with offering him a place to stay. Trusting that God knows what He’s doing, John rings and asks a total stranger if he can stay.

Jo can’t believe the audacity of the man, yet when her flat mate knows of this arrangement there is nothing she can do. She’s not prepared for the avalanche of feelings produced by seeing John. Not impressed by God’s sense of humour she fights how she feels until just before John leaves for home, both their lives change forever.

Can a long distance relationship really work or is God just teasing them both?