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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Easter or when the assistant pastor got hungry

I know its a couple weeks off yet, but every time I see daffodils I'm reminded of Andrew Page, our then assisstant pastor.
I was 16 so this is many years ago now. Andrew is now Pastor of his own church, ironically the same one this happened it.
Picture the scene. 500 ppl in the congregation, and a load of over excited children as its Easter.
Andrew starts the children's talk by asking what the children had had for breakfast. Cornflakes, toast and so on. He picks a daffodil from the flower arrangement on the platform and breaks off a piece of the stem and eats it.
He continues to talk about breakfast, all the time breaking off pieces of the stem and eating it. Then he moved on to Easter Eggs. How many and what kinds. How many had they eaten. Was chocolate better than cornflakes for breakfast.
He pulls off the petals one by one and eats them.
Silence fills the church, and I mean you could hear a pin drop.
He continues to talk and eat until he's eatne the whole flower!
A pause. Then he looks out over the congregation and asks "What have I just done?"
No one answers, until one brave child at the front (no not me) raises a hand and says "You ate a daffodil."
He nods. "yes. Now I bet all the grown ups are thinking its a fake flower, rice paper or marzipan. It wasn't. It was a real flower and yes I know they're poisonous."
He pauses for a mometn then adds. "There are 500 of you here that saw me do it. You'll go away and tell your frineds, Andrew Page ate a daffodil and they'll tell you your mad, because its not possible."
Another pause. "500 people saw Jesus after he rose from teh dead. No one believed them either."
And for weeks after he'd find tulips or other flowers in the pulpit with a note saying 'in case you get hungry during the sermon.'


Donna B said...

LOL What a great sermon that must have been! And what a way to get the message across!

Marianne Evans said...

What a great post, Clare! (and what an excellent way of making a very valid, and important, point!) Have a blessed day!!